China turns its back to smiles in Hongkong

China turns its back to smiles in Hongkong Indications China might be ready to put an end to what looks more like a toothy-smile policy when dealing with issues pertaining to Hongkong are gradually emerging. Beijing, a major stakeholder in Hongkong’s future, has kept a rather low profile since demonstrators took to the streets weeks ago. But current troop movements on the side of the Chinese border with Hongkong has led to growing suspicions that the world’s most populated nation might be planning an intervention. Chinese officials are increasingly condemning what is happening in the former British colony. Hongkong police have managed to keep a fragile containment strategy and a fine human rights record in place. But across the border, the Chinese reckon the situation next door is slipping out of control. Critical stakeholders in the region are coming to the conclusion that foreign powers may be involved in the crisis that is blossoming in Hongkong. The Chinese, currently engaged in a trade war with Washington, suspect that US agents may be fueling the unrest in Hongkong. They say that the Americans may be willing to use the restiveness that the street marches represent to raise the stakes in course of negotiations. Vice President Michael Pence said he expected China to live up to its obligation in ending the trade war. Observers fear that the uncertainty generated by the face off between the US and China, coupled with the impact of the exit of the British from Europe, might quicken the pace of global recession. President Donald Trump however insists America won’t be hit by a recession although he agrees that other major economies, including China, are beginning to slow down. Western media report that more than 10,000 dissenters, with strong anti-Chinese sentiments are now on the prowl on Hongkong streets. The Global Times, an authoritative but pro-Chinese publication in Hongkong that is well quoted in the West is reporting that China may no longer tolerate growing instability next door. In the meantime, the military build on the outskirts of the area between Hongkong and China continues. Security strategists who are studying the dimension of the current situation say China cannot allow such a threat within its sphere of influence either as a regional or global power. Some warn that it may not be too long before Beijing orders its fighting men to cross the border in hot pursuit of suspects behind alleged attempts to destabilize the Chinese possession through unending street marches.

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