Wike spearheads quest for state police… says it’s the best thing

Governor Nyesom Wike has resurrected the quest for the establishment of state police formations across the country. Wike said when an envoy of the UN paid a visit that such a move may prove to be a panacea for effective crime control and the elimination of insecurity. The governor acknowledged that Nigeria's democracy is modelled after the American system, saying it was also be proper for the nation to adopt the notion of state policing inherent in their arrangement. As he put it, a three-tier system which embraces the existence of federal, state and local government police is in force in that country. "We believe that there should be State Police for us to effectively fight crime in the country. Our system is fashioned towards the United States, which has Federal, State and Local Police. Each of them have their responsibilities", Wike stressed. Wike said he has put a security arrangement in place with the collaboration of security agencies that would stamp out insecurity in the State. He disclosed that several trouble makers who have disturbed the peace in Ogoniland have been taken into custody. Many communities in the area had been raided by suspected cultists while some persons have been killed by the attackers. We cannot tell if the governor's passion for the approval of state police would snowball into a controversy. But he said his plan to set up a team of youths under a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme that would protect the State had been rebuffed in the past. Wike said the idea of a state police apparatus could alter the security equation in the country and enhance citizens' safety.

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