Angry residents ask Australian PM to take a walk

Australia’s Prime Minister, Scott Morrison has been asked by angry residents of New South Wales to leave the area and not come back.
The Prime Minister who has been under sharp criticism for proceeding abroad on holidays at a time of grave national concerns visited some of the areas, including Corbago, a town in New South Wales devastated by raging fires.
The fires which have been burning for weeks have gutted million of acres and taken quite a toll on human lives, widelife and property.
Despite cutting short his trip, the the Australian PM is yet to find support amongst most of his fellow countrymen who believe the timing of his holiday abroad was bad.
Residents of South Wales who urged him to leave their territory accused the head of government of poorly handling the situation, and openly complained of official neglect.
One resident described the Prime Minister as an “idiot”, saying “you are out son”
The victims said they had been denied urgent relief materials by the central government, stressing  government’s reaction would have been completely different if the fire incident had occurred in Sydney.
Morrison in response to growing criticisms admitted people were very angry.
“All I know is that they are hurting, and it’s my job to try and offer some comfort and support”, he said, adding, “That’s my job, I don’t take these things personally, why would I?”
He said he understood the hurt and frustration and that people are feeling at this time.
Asked if he felt government had done all it should, Morrison said there had been massive fires across five states and it was the government’s role to support and give every assistance to the affected states.
Weather conditions in Australia haven’t been friendly either. The country is going through its worst ever experience.
Only 277 millimetres of rain fell last year in Australia, with temperature levels rising beyond normal.
Most of the Australian South East is reportedly  under threat from the rampaging flames which began months ago.
The State of Victoria has been ravaged by fire while a state of emergency has been declared in New South Wales.
Firefighters are among the number of persons who have died as a result of the inferno.
At least 18 persons have been listed among the dead.

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