Nigeria has joined the league of African nations which have recorded the presence of the much dreaded virus known as coronavirus.
Health experts say the ailment which is ravaging parts of the world at the moment is fast turning into a pandemic.
Already, international media, including CNN are reporting the gradual spread of the virus within the African continent.
News of the outbreak of the killer virus in the most populous West African country broke Thursday, following reports that someone  has tested positive.
The identity of the first victim of coronavirus is not yet known, but the revelation that the disease now has a foothold in Nigeria is certain to send shockwaves as fear spreads.
It is not clear how prepared Nigeria is to confront the spread of the virus which has claimed the lives of thousands of people across the world.
Egypt is perhaps, the first African nation to quarantine a foreigner who was discovered on arrival to have been infested with the coronavirus.
Presently Nigeria is battling to contain an outbreak of Lassa Fever traced to the activities of  rats.
The arrival of the coronavirus may further  compound the challenges that are currently being faced by medical workers who may not be equipped with facilities, including medicine needed to deal with the situation.
The Port Harcourt Telegraph will be keeping an eye on this developing story.
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