PraiseWine set to enter Port Harcourt market by Chimex Ndubuisi

All is now set for Praisewine 2020 which is schedule to take place on the 19th of April 2020 at the Obi Wali International Conference Centre, Port Harcourt tagged “A year of New beginning”.
Briefing newsmen in Port Harcourt, the convener, Pastor Martins Ameh said, Praisewine International is a non-denominational Christian Organization registered in Nigeria, with a divine mandate from God to gather His people to serve Him a wine of Praise and Worship.
He said the vision was born out of an encounter with God in a vision, precisely, on November 25th, 2012 as there was an encounter with God in a Vision, saying that, God showed him a picture of a group of people, known and unknown.
According to him, “among these are Ministers of God, Government officials, Politicians and all classes of people all together in a place. Regardless of their classes there was a common factor, all of them demonstrating as people intoxicated, tears were rolling from their eyes, but their faces were lightened up. Obviously, there was no anguish or sorrowful heart and no sign of mourning. Magnificent joy charged the atmosphere”. “Some people were rolling on the floor some jumping and shouting at the same time. A group fell face down muttering words, some dumbfounded, not saying a word or gave a sign whatsoever, just looking shocked by the incident in the hall”.
“Then I asked why they were in that state, considering the caliber of people; then He said to me, “These people have served me a wine on the altar of praise and worship that I deserve and in return I have served them wine in measures they deserved”.
“Afterward, He said distinctively “Gather my people to serve me a wine, a sacrifice of praise which I deserve. Gather them together, families, ministers and title holders who can lay down their titles for the title giver, let them serve me a wine on the altar of praise and worship and in return I will serve them a wine”.
Pastor Ameh opined that, the mandate is backup with scriptures “And a voice came out of the throne, saying, Praise our God, all ye his servants, and ye that fear him, both small and great. (Rev 19.5) and Is. 42: 10-17
He made it clear that, the maiden Edition was held on the 14th of April, 2013 titled “Praisewine2013” with evidence of unspeakable acts of God resulting in diverse miracles. Since then, as instructed by God, it has been a vision, an annual event that gathers people of different race, tribes, classes and churches.
He made it clear that, people can’t Forget 2019 Edition In a hurry as it was the 7th Edition titled Praisewine2019 ,Year of Release, which was held on the 28th April 2019 at the Obi-wali International Conference Centre, along Airforce Base road, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.
The convener said the atmosphere was saturated with the Glory Of God, men and women in their numbers worship God in an unusual manner and many received an unusual testimony.
Pastor Ameh said the last seven editions, has featured great ministers of God across the nation whom God has used to bless His people during the event as amazing testimonies of miracles, signs and wonders in all previous editions is an assurance that His present tabernacle with us is in praise and worship.
“No wonder this year, among many of God’s agenda, He is drawing us into an intense, intimate and expressive worship, worship in a different dimension, beyond expressions of bowing, kneeling, lifting of hands, but worship which causes us to come before Him with a renewed expectation to Know Him more. It is the time for Holy Ghost Invasion. It is a revival season for God’s people through Praise and Worship. In addition, every redemptive package will be all inclusive (Breakthroughs, fruitfulness and etc), because as the people praise Him, the earth will yield her increase.

The clergyman called for all to partner with Praisewine International to prove that they not proud, vain and ignorant generation, but a generation ready to return to their first love, return to their very essence of creature, in their closets and also in the congregation, openly and unashamed.
He unveiled the ministers for Praisewine 2020 which include Preye Odede, Joe Praize, Tope Alabi, Dunsin Oyekan, Tinuade, Sensational Bamidele, H2H (Hosanna to the Highest).
On the issue of security, before, during and after the programme, Pastor Ameh said they are in contact with the state security agencies to ensure that, those who are coming to for the programme are secured.
Also on the issue of COVID 19 which is ravaging the world, he said the organizers would ensure that, they provide hand sanitizer during the event and urged those coming to the programme to also indulge in good hygiene.

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