Ambassador Desmond Akawor, Rivers PDP Chairman urges Opobians to cast winning votes for their son

Wike warns Akawor, says I will fight if…

The Rivers Governor, Nyesom Wike, has urged the newly elected State Chairman of the PDP, Chief Desmond Akawor to stay in line or risk a fight with him.
Wike who spoke during the State Congress attended by delegates drawn from the 23 local government areas warned that he would fight with all the resources available to him if Akawor, a former ambassador and minister, were to deviate from acceptable norms.
The Governor who has the habit of demanding absolute loyalty from his associates revealed that if there was an opportunity for Bro Felix Obuah to return for a third term as chairman, he would have backed him.
But he said that the rules of engagement as enunciated by the party constitution made such a mission impossible.
Wike who described Obuah as a man after his heart said he never wavered and was never found wanting as the State party Chairman.
He noted that despite tribulations which stood as a wedge when he assumed office, Obuah was firm and resolute unto the end.
The Governor prayed that the incoming chairman would tow the path of his predecessor, saying the new chairman has inherited the duty to help unify all shades of opinion within the party.
Obviously elated by the way the Congress was organized, Prince Uche Secondus, National Chairman of the PDP hailed the outcome.
He said it was transparent as well as free and fair and congratulated all who emerged through the process as party officials.
He however called for the review of electoral processes, saying it was almost impossible under prevailing circumstances to organize free and fair elections in the country.
Also speaking, Bro Felix Obuah said his tenure as chairman was eventful.
Obuah acknowledged that under his watch, the PDP registered great strides, wining both the 2015 and 2019 general elections.
He said the success story of the party in the last few years would be impossible without the support of the State government and those who served with him as executives of the party.
Obuah has not publicly indicated that he will run for the governorship ticket on the platform of the PDP.
But there are insiders who seem to think Obuah may make turn out to be a good governorship material.
With his experience as a local government chairman, his exposure as State party chairman and his management of Rewama, his admirers believe he is properly equipped for the job.
In the meantime, attention is increasingly turning to the future of the PDP.
Following the emergence of the Akawor led party excecutive, there are rising expectations within the rank and file of the party. Although Akawor is not usually outspoken, close associates agree he is a team player.
They however note that he is a strong character and man with sufficient exposure who may be difficult to control by those who may wish to use him as a wet doll

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