The Commissioner for Energy and Natural Resources, Peter Medee, has vowed that the Rivers State Government would lockdown illegal bunkering activities.
The commissioner who spoke exclusively to the Port Harcourt Telegraph said that Government is determined to halt oil theft and oil bunkering which he said has devastated the environment of the State and impacted negatively on the lives and livelihood of Rivers people.
He said that in the past government had embarked only on direct confrontation with the bunkers, but he said under a new plan, attempts would be made to take away the market from them.
The Ministry of Natural Resources, the Commissioner hinted, is currently devising a plan that would in future make the breakage of pipelines and illegal processing of stolen crude a wasteful pastime.
In his words, “When it comes to oil bunkering, it is like an epidemic because the impact and effect of this on the economy, the people, the environment of Rivers State is huge. So, when we came in, we thought what we can do is to contribute our serious measure, not just to reducing it, but to the extent where we can stop it.
“You know oil theft and oil bunkering have provided very serious devastation to the environment in Rivers State. We have reviewed the effort so far, where government has taken confrontation as the main thing to do to stop it.
“But the more confrontation is being done in terms of task force and other security efforts to stop it, the more we see collaborations to sustain it.”