Bonny under lockdown

Nigeria’s oil export terminal, Bonny has been under total lockdown since the beginning of this week, with most inhabitants of the usually busy island forced to remain behind closed doors.

Our Correspondents in the area say life has gradually come to a halt as the side effects of  the lockdown placed on the island begins to take effect.

The action by the Rivers State Government designed to keep the people safe, especially from the Coronavirus, is coming in the wake of a growing wave of deaths.

Those deaths which were traced to a mysterious ailment at first may have been narrowed down to a source of growing concern within and outside the island.
The Rivers State occupies fourth place on the national Coronavirus table and the rate of infections has become increasingly alarming. As at the time of this report, it had 930 cases of the disease.
For weeks, there have been speculations among the natives of the island nation which hosts quite a number of oil and gas establishments that their settlement might be shut down, following the advent of a highly resistant sickness that has been claiming lives.
A source had hinted the Telegraph last Friday, “Bonny Island is about to be shut down by the Government.”
Saturday, the fear of the people was confirmed. The Rivers State Government, against the backdrop of the spiking number of Coronavirus cases, announced Bonny would have to be placed under lock and key.
That order has gone into effect.
At Onne where a bank manager died and many staff of his branch allegedly fell sick, a shutdown has been ordered.
Governor Nyesom Wike who made the disclosure noted that the lockdown would remain in place until answers are found to the devastating encroachment of the dreaded disease.
Wike also revealed that Obio/Akpor and indeed other parts of the State may experience a complete lockdown if the current rates of infections continue.
The Government has persistently blamed oil exploration activities and the connivance of the state security apparatus for the state’s rising profile
Among the populace, there are equally growing concerns.
It is clear by now that the fight against the Coronavirus is not a scam as many had initially thought.
It is real and real people, close family members and associates are dying or getting infected by the virus.
Wike hasn’t said when he would lockdown the entire State, but a threat already made means people may have to consider a gradual stockpile of essentials in their homes in order to avoid panic buying when the time comes.
In parts of the country, some of the businesses that originally opened shop are shutting down again as Nigeria’s coronavirus statistics spiral upwards.

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