Storm water hunts Port Harcourt residents

Parts of the Government Reserved Area in Port Harcourt were unable to cope with the volume of storm water generated by this year’s rains.

Roads, buildings and vehicles were overrun by storm water as climactic changes contribute to a high level of rainfall.

Eyewitnesses say parts of GRA Phase II were largely affected as the canal which carries storm water to nearby rivers and waterways seemingly over flowed  its bank.

Most buildings in that high brow area lie within marshy flood plains reclaimed over the years by land developers.

This year’s flood in Port Harcourt is believed to be the worst in the last five years.

Vehicles parked in some mechanic sheds within the area were completely submerged.

Experts have predicted months ago that the Rivers State would be among states that would be ravaged by this year’s flooding.

There has been no reaction from the Rivers State Government, following the storm water advance which is believed to have caused panic among some residents.

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