A woman aged about 60 years old has come back to life after she was pronounced dead.
Sons and daughters of Okomoko Community in the Etche Local Government Area of Rivers State had learnt that Mrs Nwachi Benson Onyenma Nwuke had died in the early hours of Thursday, September 17, 2020.
News of her death at Aba, Abia State, where she was taken for treatment had spread quickly at dawn, throwing most in the close-knit community into mourning.
As villagers, including her relations from Ulakwo converged at the residence of her husband, women wailed while men were gripped by emotion.
The Telegraph has learnt that her husband, Benson Onyeanma, was initially kept in the dark about what was happening.
We have gathered that the move was intended to prevent the possibility of another mishap.
Onyenma who taps palmwine and farms is about 70 years old.
Telegraph’s Publisher, Chief Ogbonna Nwuke who hails from Okomoko was among those who were home Thursday.

It is amazing!

“It’s amazing what God can do”, Telegraph’s Publisher said Thursday when he visited, “I haven’t experienced such an occurrence. It can only be God at work.”
“I went to see things for myself”, Elder Alozie Nwuke, a retiree who is the eldest in the Nwuke family remarked.
“I haven’t heard of such a thing”, the elder observed, “but we are glad that we are not about burying anyone.”
According to information, the order to bring the body home from Aba had been given and a vehicle hired.
All through the ride home, Nwachi whose name means “child of God” was reportedly motionless.
The unusual however happened as they closed in on a rubber plantation owned by late Chief J.H,E Nwuke, Ogbuzor the Second and Onyeshi of Etche who served as a minister in the First Republic.

How potholes did the magic

The vehicle turned off the Port Harcourt Aba Road around Imo Gate, passed the rail crossing, went past Owarza and headed for Odagwa.
Odagwa is an Etche community in the Ulakwo/Umuselem clan. It is oil bearing and hosts quite a lot of oil establishments. The driver eventually headed for Odagwa Ishimiri which shares a common boundary with Okeragu.
That part of the journey was definitely the last lap. The road which runs through Shell locations would terminate at Okomoko via Okeragu and Umuanyangu.
A slightly bumpy ride, occasioned by potholes on the road close to the rubber plantation changed the tide of events and possibly, that of Okomoko history.
Nwachi stirred.
Grief turned to confusion at first while tears gave way to widespread joy as the one who was declared dead several hours ago moved her body some more.

What a life!

Phone calls were reportedly made by those in the car who could not hold back their surprise. One of the sons of the woman was among them.
In Okomoko, the mood changed as the news of her return to life broke.
It would be the first time such a thing would happen in the community. Men. women and youths began to give thanks to God.
Dan Nnodim, a Correspondent of the Telegraph who was already on ground that morning reports, “anxious persons began to troop to the house where mourners had converged to catch a glimpse of the woman who had come back to life.”
A youth who bared his mind noted, ” this has never happened in the history of our community. This is a miracle!”
Kelechi Nwuke who belongs to a Committee set up to oversee Nwuke family interests stated, “God intervened to stop us from grieving. We were already thinking of what to do.”
Mr and Mrs Benson Onyenma Nwuke who have enjoyed a better part of their union have at least four children.
Chairman of the Caretaker Committee of the Town Council and Secretary General of Ogbakor Etche, Elder Eleazar Nwogu said he learnt of the development that morning.
“It is a mystery. People had started crying but God changed everything.
“She is alive and in hospital where she is being looked after”, Kas Nwogu explained.
The hospital where she is, is in Chokocho and Dr Obia and his team have been working round the clock to ensure that she recovers completely.
It is now more than  a week since news of Nwachi’s death raised anxiety, but life in Okomoko has eventually returned to normal. She may be frail, a bit weak as well. It may be proof of the impact of her age or sign of the impact the sickness has had on her. Somehow she still lives, surrounded by loved ones who keep watch over her and who attend to her every need.
In Okomoko, townspeople talk of the woman who came back from the land of dead; raise their eyes in the direction of heaven; and shudder over what they say God has done.