Leave Amaechi alone

The APC in Rivers State has rebuked Senator Magnus Abe, urging him to leave the Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi alone.

Spokesman of the party, Chief Ogbonna Nwuke said in a statement in Port Harcourt that the Senator had no reason to drag the Minister of Transportation into the fray.

“We believe  that the National Secretariat has a complete grasp of the Rivers situation. If Abe truly believes that his warning to the party regarding the constitution of Caretaker Committees was largely ignored, how can that be the fault of the Minister?

The APC statement noted that from the utterances of the former  Senator, “he was the one who attempted to influence the decision of the National Secretariat. There is no proof, except for Abe’s claims, that Amaechi made any representation anywhere.  The Senator should please show proof if he has any.

The APC  said it was perplexed by Abe’s claim over the swearing in of caretaker committees.

“It was not Amaechi who ordered the demolition of existing party structures and the constitution of Caretaker bodies. It was the party.

“Amaechi did not order the swearing in of Caretaker Committees in all the states. It was similarly the party that did so. We are tired of these ceaseless claims about Ameachi. Amaechi is not the issue. Abe should tell himself the truth. The truth is that his attempt to sway the posture of the National Secretariat did not fly.

“We ought to make clear distinctions here. There is a remarkable difference between what Amaechi probably wants and the decision that the party takes in the overall interest of its members nationwide. From what we have seen Abe had his say, but the party had its way.

“There was a point in history, during the Ogoni struggle, when our dear Senator allegedly did not go along with the aspirations of his own people. It would be wrong for our Senator whom we respect to exhibit reactions such as this as a character trait. We think that it would not be an ideal character trait to showcase at this time in the midst of the struggle to consolidate the future of the APC.”

The party urged Senator Abe to be a team player, saying “decisions taken shouldn’t be right when they favour us. What is right is right, and we must accept that which is considerably right.”

“When the party speaks, its decision should be seen as binding on all who believe in the mission of the APC.  No individual can be greater than the party. We think that our friend and brother should understand this basic fact.

“The notion of justice and fairness is not for us as individuals to determine, especially when we provide positions or solutions that we consider germaine.

“These basic ingredients which have been donated by philosophy, reason and the force of law are determined by the collective  wisdom of those placed in positions of high trust who are influenced by the reason of the arguments placed before them.

“The circumstances surrounding the issues on which they must decide have remained the fountain from which justice and fairness flows.

“We think the only rational conclusion to draw, given Abe’s own comments as published, would be that the case that he made before the party leadership may have lacked in merit.

“We are gladdened by Abe’s assurance that he is still committed to the APC. Let him demonstrate same by being a good party man who knows he cannot win all the time. It is time to drop the past and time to move into the future.”



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