Igo Aguma forced out, Golden Ben-Chioma steps in

Defiant as ever, acclaimed supporters of Senator Magnus Abe have asked Hon. Golden Ben Chioma to step into the shoes of Hon. Igo Aguma who was booted out by the Court of Appeal, vowing to pursue their grievances to the Country’s Supreme Court.
The group which continues to defy the National Secretariat of the APC said in reaction to a court ruling Tuesday that it would not accept its pronouncements.
Aguma had the backing of a Rivers High Court when he assumed office as Acting Caretaker Committee Chairman of the APC.
But Golden Ben Chioma who ascends office in spite of a directive of the National Secretariat of the APC confirming Isaac Ogbobula as the authentic chairman told the Telegraph, “I am the Chairman of the State Caretaker Committee.”
Asked to walk the Telegraph through the process which produced him as a parallel chairman, Ben Chioma remarked, “we populated the committee at the meeting” that a great majority of statutory members did not attend.
Recall that a great majority of members, fearing the virtual meeting could be manipulated had asked for the meeting called by Aguma to hold at the party secretariat.

“We didn’t need two-thirds of the statutory members” of the party to forge the leadership of caretaker committee in response to a question by the Telegraph, “what was required was “two-thirds of those who attended the meeting.”
At that meeting, “I was elected as Igo Aguma’s deputy.
Ben Chioma claims that his decision to take over the reins of opposition within the opposition is not an affront to the court.
“I was not before any court”, Golden insisted, when asked if his claim to power was not an attempt to disregard a legitimate court order, but he said, “as you know nature abhors a vacuum.”
No one knows when this wrangling will end. The picture that is gradually emerging suggests that the Abe group might be using the Supreme Court as a pun.
For months, despite bringing the notice of a Supreme Court quest irregularly before the Court of Appeal in a matter brought by Isaac Ogbubula, Igo Aguma has done nothing to secure a date for hearing.
Many here who have been following the trend think that Aguma’s claim that he is headed for the Apex court may tow a similar line like the first.
For now, the APC acknowledges Ogbobula as the Chairman of the Caretaker Committee in Rivers State.
The body that we are seeing may be that of Esau, but the voice certainly that of Jacob, Chief Ogbonna Nwuke, Spokesman of the APC told Wish FM.
Nwuke said there are people in the party who are APC in the day and PDP at night, urging Rivers to ignore the fictitious claims of Igo Aguma and his co-travellers who do not wish the APC well.

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