Breaking news: Golden Ben-Chioma lures Etche people, claims Etche may have been conceded to him

A meeting called by a splinter group of the APC in Etche led by Hon. Golden Ben-Chioma has taken place at Odufor, a community in the Ulakwo/Umuselem clan.

Odufor is the hometown of Hon. Ben-Chioma who is claiming to be the Acting State Caretaker Committee Chairman of the APC.

The Telegraph learnt that the meeting took place on Thursday and lasted a couple of hours.

But our sources revealed that no notable member of the APC in Etche attended the said meeting which may have been arranged to bamboozle Etche youths, according to someone who was present from the beginning to the end.

“I was one of those who attended the meeting”, a young man from Odufor told this publication, “I was there and I witnessed everything.

“We were told by our host (Golden Ben-Chioma) who spoke directly to us during the meeting that Governor Wike has conceded the position of the Council Chairman as well as the 19 councilorship seats to him.

“I heard him; I am not saying somebody whispered to me”, the source maintained.

Currently, a scramble for power at the council level is allegedly going on between supporters of Prince Emma Anyanwu who is the leader of the PDP in Etche and Chief Allwell Onyesoh, a one – time supporter of Senator Abe who has since crossed over to the PDP.

Onyesoh who is likely to run for the Senate and his supporters are allegedly rallying Etche people in the party to reject what they describe as the “Anyanwu Dynasty.”

“The ongoing difference within the PDP in the area, is what Golden told us would give the Senator Magnus Abe led team the advantage to pick Etche without any fight” , another person who attended the meeting from Egwi revealed.

The Acting Caretaker Committee Chairman as Golden describes himself reportedly assured all those who were present at the meeting that he would sponsor the purchase of forms for all who may be interested in running the council race in April.

Golden Ben-Chioma reminded them that he is the Acting Chairman of the APC, emphasising that as a member of the inner circle he wanted it on record that Rt. Hon. Rotimi Amaechi, the Minister of Transportation  and his supporters would be heavily  disgraced.

Ben-Chioma did not say how, but from information that is reaching our news desk,  he did not leave his audience in doubt that the Abe team is collaborating with members of a formidable group that are opposed to the Minister.

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