Spokesman of the APC, Chief Ogbonna Nwuke says schemes concocted by the group led by Senator Magnus Abe to destabilise the party will fail.

“We are not exactly where we want to be, but by the grace of God we are getting there”, Nwuke said in answer to a question.

“We want to be in the hearts of Rivers people”, he continued, “We want to live in their hearts. People are beginning to see the APC as the party of Rivers people.”

The APC chieftain alleged that  Senator Abe and Governor Wike who are aware of the posture of the people were struggling to ensure that the APC doesn’t emerge strong, but he insisted their efforts will not work this time.

Chief Nwuke, a former member of the House of Representatives who was a guest Saturday, on a live radio programme in Port Harcourt, said “How can Abe claim to be looking for a political solution when his men are in court?”

Asked on Raypower radio why the Abe group is accusing him of being the cause of the crisis within the party, Nwuke expressed surprise.

“Me? Source of trouble? Are they promoting me or villifying me? How can I be the source of the crisis?

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“There is the message, there is the messenger. As we say in Mass Communications, you can kill the message, you don’t have to kill the messenger.”

He spoke of moves within the party to settle the rift, ” There have been moves among us in the State to engage constructively, there have been attempts at the national level to resolve the matter.

Rotimi Amaechi... All smiles Rt Hon Rotimi Amaechi, Minister of Transportation

“Several committees set up by the party have asked Abe to…shake hands with his boss and make the peace.

“The one who has ignored the wisdom of others in the party who have intervened is the one responsible for the crisis.

“Those who say for there to be peace there has to be justice”,  Chief Nwuke stressed, should take cognizance of the fact that “for there to be peace, there must be sincerity.”

He said Senator Abe has not been sincere,  accusing him of becoming a willing tool in the hands of Governor Nyesom Wike.

“I respect Senator Magnus Abe,  he his my friend. We want him to come back home. The prodical son in the Bible even returned home.

“As Spokesman, we have ensured a stream of communication which ensures we get out the message, which allows room for understanding  and where possible, promotes reconciliation.  We have not been abusive.

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“Why is it that Abe is the only one who is not lying? Why is the collective wisdom of those who have engaged in mediation efforts not sufficient? Why are they the ones causing trouble?

“Abe is lying”, the APC Spokesman said in response to another question which suggested Amaechi has vowed to destroy the APC if he (Abe) were to become the candidate.

“Abe has alleged in court that the party has not provided a level playing field. Now that the party is providing a level playing field what is the problem?

“There are people who control the media, use the social media to say all kinds of things. They are not on ground. Each time you want them to come to the field, they run to court.

“The reason is, they don’t have people. Politics is about numbers! number!! numbers!!!. These people don’t have the numbers.

“The last time we had the ward congresses, you could see those numbers, you could see people, people everywhere.

“It took three days to support the AAC candidate in 2019 when we had no candidates on the ballot; and it took three weeks to dismantle the victory of someone who was about to win  an incumbent Governor. That’s strength; that’s character.”

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Nwuke pledged that the APC  would surmount all obstacles and fulfill it’s mission as the party which “lives in the heart of the people.”

“Africans say where there is a ground, wrestlers don’t talk, they wrestle. We want to wrestle, not violently”, he added.