Nigeria is to launch a type of currency in electronic form that would be known as E – Naira on Monday.

The E – Naira is designed among other things, for the payment of goods and services that are bought on the internet.

What this means is that the new digital currency would equally help to enhance Trans border transactions using the naira.

According to a statement issued by Nigeria’s Central Bank, President Muhammadu Buhari is expected to perform the official launching of the E – Naira.

Experts  disclose that the use of E-Currency allows the purchase of goods and services online at lightning speed.

More importantly, the experts insist that in terms of reliability, it guarantees a high level of financial security.

The Port Harcourt Telegraph  learnt through a dependable source that the E-Naira is “A digital bearer instrument” which is “fully interoperable with existing financial ecosystems.

“In terms of transactions, it ensures instant settlement of bills, promotes retail and wholesale activities across borders.”

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