FIFA rankings: Nigeria, 3rd in Africa … moves ahead of Tunisia

Despite crashing out of the Round of 16 in the last African Cup of Nations, Nigeria has moved up the ladder of football playing countries, ahead of Tunisia, Algeria and Ghana in FIFA’s estimation.

According to FIFA’s latest ranking released Thursday, Ghana who are preparing to play for a place in the World Cup against Nigeria on March 23rd 2022, have dropped several points to the 61st place.

Nigeria, three times African champions moved rather upwards by four points to the 32nd place in the world.

The upward swing reflected by the latest ranking announced by FIFA was good enough to catapult Nigerians who are struggling to find their feet into third place at the Continental level behind Senegal and Morocco.

Senegal, Africa’s leading soccer nation, is ranked the world’s 18th best soccer playing side while Morroco are 24th.

Tunisia now occupy the 36th spot vacated by Nigeria while the Algerians are way down the line at 43rd place.

Meanwhile, the Red Devils of Belgium are still the World number one ranked nation, followed by Brazil, France, Argentina and England.

European champions, Italy, are sixth while Spain, Portugal, Denmark and the Netherlands round up the rest of the top ten.

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