APC, PDP party flags..the struggle for power begins

APC: Okere, Nwankwo battle for senate seat in Rivers East

,… While PDP prepares to unseat Ephraim Nwuzi

As the people of Etche settle down to the idea of having a Senator in 2023, a titanic struggle is going on in the APC to determine who will confront PDP’s candidate.

PDP’s candidate for the Senate is Allwell Onyesoh who made a sudden appearance in Omuma at the weekend in the company of Hon Kelechi Nwogu and other top Etche leaders.

Etche, ready for “Operation Sweep Through.” Politicians on the March again.

Nwogu returned home Friday, to a tumultuous welcome by his constituents who gathered in Eberi, headquarters of the Omuma Local Government Area.

The lawmaker, a strong ally of Governor Wike has been in the Rivers State House of Assembly.

Local sources say he is undoubtedly Omuma’s strongman and the one likely to step into the shoes of late Georgefold Nwosu, given facts that are emerging from the area.

APC: Who will get the Senate seat?

Two aspirants are currently lurking horns within the Etche Ethnic Nation for the APC ticket.

They are Barrister Nnamdi Okere, one-time Chairman of Etche Local Government Council and Dr. Bisi Nwankwo, a former Commissioner for Energy under the Odili administration, who hails from the Omuma Local Government Area.

Nnamdi Okere in a war to clinch the APC Senate seat.

According to what we have learnt, two camps have emerged within the Etche and Omuma APC.

A group is reportedly led by Okere while the other is headed by Hon. Ephraim Nwuzi, a member of the House of Representatives who defected from the PDP to the APC.

Ephraim Nwuzi (right), fighting obstacles on the way.

Bisi Nwankwo, it is being alleged, is receiving support  against Nnamdi’s dream to serve as a Senator from Hon. Nwuzi who has Kelechi Nwogu of the PDP to contend with when the time comes.

Emerging information suggests that the Okere camp is sponsoring Hon. Emeka Nwogu, one-time member of the Rivers State House of Assembly from Omuma against Nwuzi.

Nwuzi served as Commissioner under the Wike administration before climbing upstairs to sit in the green chambers.

Supported by strong forces from the Etche APC, Nwuzi would likely face  an uphill task in the fight against Emeka Nwogu.

How Kelechi, PDP, is taking Etche by storm

The real test of Nwuzi’s supposed strength will however come when he  files out against Kelechi Nwogu and leaders of the PDP in Etche and Omuma.

The PDP is preparing a clean run that will take its lead actors across the State to all nooks and crannies.

Kelechi Nwogu accompanied by Etche leaders… Showing capacity in Omuma

Already, the local people say so much is happening in Etche. Roads are being built.

A campus of the Faculty of Agriculture is currently under construction, all thanks to Governor Nyesom Wike.

For the first time, the PDP has broken the jinx. It has given the senatorial ticket the Etche nation.

While APC leaders in the area are largely separated by polarizing interests which have created a wide gulf among their followers, those in the PDP appear to be closing ranks.

Friday, PDP leaders zoomed into Omuma at short notice to join a huge crowd of Omuma people who were waiting on ground to receive their son.

On the move.. Chief Ambrose Nwuzi (second from left), Allwell Onyesoh (Senatorial candidate), Austin Ben Chioma (Commissioner for Urban Development), Obinna Anyanwu, Etche Local Government Council Chairman.

That number is likely to double, when the PDP enters Etche to unveil its candidates, according to what we are hearing.

“We are set to take Etcheland by storm”, Kelechi Nwogu later told the Port Harcourt Telegraph Friday night.

Earlier, Kelechi while addressing enthusiastic party member declared that the goal is to secure all the seats in Etcheland, including the House of Representatives and Senatorial seats.

He told the cheering crowd, “We have the better Nwuzi”, an apparent swipe at his opponent whom he described as unfit to represent the Etche nation.

Onyesoh raises the hand of Kelechi Nwogu before a roaring crowd.

Chief Allwell Onyesoh later raised the hand of the candidate for the House of Representatives before a home crowd that is happy, Omuma’s voice would be heard in the green chambers once again.

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