Why a lady who slapped a Keke driver slumped at Trans Amadi

A young lady narrowly escaped death Monday after she was slapped by a young ‘Keke’ rider.

The incident took place in TransAmadi by the “3- Elephant” roundabout in front of the Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company.

According to Eyewitnesses, it took the intervention of passersby as well as soldiers who were at the scene to resuscitate the lady.

We have learnt that the lady first slapped the Keke driver as soon as she alighted from the three-legged vehicle.

People around the scene tried what they could to quell the difference between the Keke driver and his passenger.

The Keke rider returned to his vehicle, later stormed out of it, returned the slap and disappeared from the scene.

The lady immediately slumped to the ground, with those who rushed to the scene seen doing everything to stop the lady from dying.

We have heard that the lady who was obviously breathless also foamed from the mouth.

The soldiers who were around prevented onlookers from taking pictures of the lady while she was gasping for air.

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