2023 Governorship: Sim Fubara will do better – Wike

2023 Governorship: Sim Fubara will do better – Wike

Governor Nyesom Wike, Sir Siminalayi Fubara, PDP flagbearer (Rivers State), and Ambassador Desmond Akawor, State PDP Chairman and Chief Allwell Onyeso, Rivers East Senatorial candidate at the dedication service which held Sunday at the St Paul’s Anglican Cathedral Church, Rebisi Junction.

Governor Nyesom Wike has expressed strong optimism that Sir Sim Fubara, gubernatorial flagbearer of the PDP will do well as the next governor of Rivers State.

Wike said while speaking during a dedication service put together on Sunday at the St Paul’s Anglican Cathedral by the Campaign Council of the Peoples Democratic Party in Rivers State that the party has always sought refuge in the Lord.

Stressing, there has never been anytime during his tenure as governor that he has failed the Rivers people, Wike <span;>assured the congregation that he has faith in the one who is coming.

“The one that is coming”, Governor Wike pointed out, “will be better.”

Governor Nyesom Wike… stressing a point

The Governor said one of the fine attributes of the democratic system is the existence of courts and the laudable roles they play in shaping the polity.

Those who disagree with the system and what his administration is presently doing have every right to challenge same in court, Wike noted.

He said that his administration had done so repeatedly against some of the actions and decisions of the Federal Government.

“No one is above the law”, Wike remarked on Sunday. It was a clear indication his government would not yield to threats by those who would wish to break the law and endanger order in society.

“If you think you are above the law”,  Wike warned, “we shall show you, you cannot be above the law.”

Why I head to court all the time

Wike explained in church on Sunday why he has repeatedly gone to court to seek valid interpretations on critical matters.

He disclosed that his decision to constantly approach the law courts for interpretation on matters of interest was anchored two major planks.

His pursuit of the rule of  law, he revealed, bellies the fact that he and those close to him have no intention whatsoever to engage in thuggery and violence.

Similarly, Wike noted that the court system is an essential and integral part of sound democratic practice.

As he put it, one cannot leave loopholes and aspect that other law abiding persons who are watching will not test opportunity left by such loopholes in court.

President Muhammadu Buhari, his executive orders have been challenged in the courts.

“We have dragged Buhari to court” over “Executive Orders”, Wike emphasized.

He stated that in most cases, the government of Rivers State has won such legal arguments in court.

Wike said it would be wrong to encourage disobedience to Executive Orders or efforts by government to promote law and order.

The Governor urged those disillusioned by executive orders personally signed by him to challenge them in court.

He said those planning to take the law into their own hand would be surprised by what will happen.

Wike on PDP

On why the PDP has been in court with other parties, Wike explained that politics is a game which allows players to secure comparative political advantage.

Wike likened what is going on in the field to a boxing bout.

He agreed that although the rules say you win in boxing within 12 rounds, there is nothing wrong for a boxer to secure a knockdown in two or three rounds.

Besides, he said in reference to court cases filed by the PDP, that wearing out opponents is equally part of the game.

He stressed that “those who are not ready”,  mentally and financially, need not step unto the political turf.

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