Bala Mohammed Moves A little Bit To The Right

Bala Mohammed Moves A little Bit To The Right

●  Flags off reelection bid in Bauchi;
●  Atiku may lose crucial votes

Governor Bala Mohammed who is engaged in a fight for his political life would be launching his reelection bid in Bauchi today.

According to information filtering in, all is set for the event which is expected to attract political heavyweights, including leaders of the G5.

As the clock ticks and Nigerians turn attention to what is likely to happen in Bauchi,  there are strong indications that Governor Mohammed may have moved a notch or two  away from the camp of the PDP presidential candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar.

Associates of the Bauchi State Governor believe Atiku who won the PDP Convention held in May last year has embarked on a frightful, but dangerous vengeance mission.

Bala Mohammed was one of those that contested against Atiku Abubakar months ago.

The Governor is now saying he is being hounded by Atiku and his henchmen for daring to contest as a presidential aspirant in the PDP National Convention.

A source disclosed to the Telegraph that a plot by Atiku to ensure the defeat of Bala Mohammed actually exists.

“Mohammed is not crying out for nothing. The plan is real. Atiku is working against the Bauchi State Governor”, the source hinted.

“Nigerians will sooner than later realise that Atiku’s vengeful script is at the centre of the fight with Wike and the G5”, the source added.

Atiku’s unforgiving spirit which is rearing its head in Bauchi may possibly explain the basis of the frosty relation which exists between Wike, the G5 and Atiku.

Shutting Out Atiku:

Atiku Abubakar may not be in Bauchi to urge Bala Mohammed  on in the guber race.

Atiku isn’t doing well either i public opinion polls or in the leadership of the PDP.

Many are beginning to wonder what kind of legacy Atiku would leave if he is elected president.

Today, the Bauchi State Governor would officially  flag off his second tenure campaign bid.

Governor Mohammed Bello: Wike says Ayu’s promise to step aside was made before him. 

Atiku and other party stalwarts who have been roaming parts of the country as members of the Presidential Campaign Council might not be present at the brief political ceremony in Bauchi.

The reason is, Governor Mohammed has reportedly invited G5 Governors who are fighting for justice and fair play to attend his flag off.

Bala’s move, despised by core Atiku’s loyalistts but considered extremely strategic in some quarters, is coming as Nigerians attempt to make up their minds on who to vote for in the coming general elections.

Bala has reason to believe that certain ‘political vampires’ in the PDP led by Atiku are working against him simply because he ran against the presidential candidate during the convention held last May.

Worried by the development, Bala wrote to the National chairman,  Iyorchia Ayu months ago.

Nothing has been heard since that complaint. It is doubtful Ayu replied Bala’s letter.

Instead Atiku supporters, well placed sources disclose, have stepped up efforts to frustrate Governor Mohammed.

G5 to the rescue:

Governors Nyesom Wike, Samuel Ortom and Okezie Ikpeazu who are leaders of the G5.

Given this backdrop, the Bauchi Governor who has turned to the G5 for help would publicly unite with his friends.

Governor Nyesom Wike may jet out to Bauchi State, if all goes well.

Indications that  this might be the case have been provided by a slight adjustment to the timing of a government fubilled for Emohua Local Government Area.

The G5 is comprised of notable governors and former governors including Governor Samuel Ortom (Benue), Governor Okezie Ikpaezu (Abia), Governor Seyi Makinde (Oyo), Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi (Enugu) and Governor Nyesom Wike (Rivers)

Ayodele Fayose, frontline member of G5

Others are Donald Duke (Cross River),  Chief Bode George (BoT/Lagos),  and Jonah Jang (Plateau)

From what we hear, the G5 may have agreed to join Bala when he launches his second tenure campaign on Wednesday in Bauchi

What is currently playing out suggests there is indeed a widening gulf within the PDP..

Bala who is from the North East is likely to become the sixth governor of the PDP that is aggrieved and willing, the way things look, to turn his back on Atiku.

The prospect of losing crucial Bauchi votes is no doubt a huge blow to Atiku and members of the Presidential Campaign Council,  PCC.

Atiku would be heading to the poll in a couple of weeks without the support of crucial voters in Rivers, Benue, Oyo, Abia, Enugu and Bauchi.

It is still a puzzle how Atiku hopes to win. There are no indications that states controlled by the APC are turning to the PDP.

How can the PDP win when Atiku is at war with five states and serving governors in charge of their affairs?

“It is like committing suicide”, a political observer remarked, “Atiku might find it difficult to win the presidential election. How can he say this number of governors don’t matter?”

We have learnt that political structures belonging to the G5 are being activated across the country, following the invitation that the G5 has received.the

Insiders reveal that while some pro-Atiku forces are struggling to see how they can resolve issues with Mohammed, the G5 on the other hand  is expected to  seize the opportunity before it to make a resounding political statement.

Bala’s Burden:

Bala Mohammed may not know it, but his loyalty to former President Goodluck Jonathan has contributed to growing doubts about him in Atiku’s camp.

Incidentally, Atiku’s supporters are interested in fighting proxy wars according to what we have heard.

Atiku’s camp is piqued for instance, by the fact that they have been unable to secure the backing of the former president from the South South.

Governor Wike who recently accused Atiku of forcing former President Olusegun Obasanjo to bow before him also alleged that Atiku actively worked against Jonathan in 2015.

Besides, Bala enjoys very strong ties with Governor Nyesom Wike.

Both men became indeed close while  working under the banner of the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan.

Now, both men are being persecuted by Atiku and his stormtroopers who are hoping to end their political careers

Bala had written to Iyorchia Ayu, National Chairman of the PDP informing him an unholy alliance against him.

In that letter, the governor had accused Atiku of threatening to “punish” him for contesting against him.

He however told Ayu, “I may withdraw from the PCC and feel free to create new measures and strategies that would guarantee the election and re-election of all PDP candidates in Bauchi and myself”.

From all indications,  Governor Mohammed who launches out today would be keeping his promise to take destiny into his own hands by aligning with the G5.

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