Nyesom Wike served as Chief of Staff under the Governor Rotimi Amaechi administration.

Wike: I believe Mr President has good intentions but…

Wike: I believe Mr President has good intentions but…
By PHC Telegraph

The President, Muhammadu Buhari promises to bring smiles back to the faces of Nigerians within seven days.


“I know Mr President has good intention”, Governor Wike said of the occupant of Aso Rock while reacting to the crisis surrounding the availability of the naira.

With Nigerians, big or small, rich or poor beseiging the banks in search of money, no  issue is more topical at this time.

As things are, no one is free from the misery that the currrncy swap and CBN’s guidelines have brought.

Worst hit are the poor who set out very early to get a place on the queue. Although the CBN has asked banks to pay N20,000 across the counter, the banks in reality are paying out between N5,000 and N10,000.

Security operations are similarly being affected, Governor Wike who drew attention to the fact that the scarcity of the naira could affect the fight against crime revealed.

“Can you imagine the problem you’re causing for us. As we are here, the level of insecurity will increase. We can’t get security agencies money any longer for them to use and pay those who are in the field.

“Even the CIA, they carry cash for operation. Even NIA, they carry cash for operation. But here, we can’t even give our security one million naira” to keep the rest of society safe, Governor Wike lamented.

Apparently expressing regret, Wike said that there may be people who would wish to tarnish whatever is left of the  legacy of the president under the pretext of placing bright ideas on the table.

“There are these people who believe they know more than everybody”, the Rivers strongman man remarked, ” they go and put the country in total chaos and that is what we are suffering now.”

Governor Wike who seized the opportunity of the PDP rally in Okrika to speak on the plight of the people said the current currency swap and the way policy makers are implementing it is “anti-people.”

“This policy is anti-people.  The new Naira note is not there. Even though I have money in my account, I cannot get N10,000. I cannot go and buy fuel. Who is losing? Is it not the masses? Is it not the people?”

Governor Nyesom Wike appeals to President Muhammadu Buhari to  do something to save Nigerians  from going through hard times.

Urging the President to take a second look at the decision taken, Wike observed, “You’re merely fighting against the poor people. Mr President, I know the pressure, but please since two of us are going the same time, this policy, it has nothing to fight corruption at all. It has nothing to fight politicians.”

“The governor said he believed that the policy is aimed at one thing and one thing alone, “to suffer the people who elected us to govern over them.”

“Our business is not to make the people to suffer”, Wike pointed out, “We all know how to fight corruption. We all know how to fight politicians. This particular one, it does not come in at all.”

Wike may not have referred to incidents in Katsina and Kano where ordinary citizens vent their spleen in the presence of the President, but he said that policies which convey the good intentions of leaders must be spiced with some understanding  of the mood of the people.

“I know Mr President has good intention, but there are these people who believe they know more… and put the country in total chaos” Wike emphasized, stressing, “that is what we are suffering now.”

Highlighting what he sees as the trouble which lies ahead in presenting elderly women with credit cards in order for them to pay for food items, Wike also stated that it would be difficult for an elderly woman who depends on daily sales to raise money in the rural areas, with the prevailing illiteracy level, to fit into the game plan of the currency swap policy maker.

He dismissed the thinking that such a currency swap could be easily achieved in a short time. It cannot work, he said.

“I have never seen anywhere in this world where you change money within six months and say no more use of old money.

“It takes time and you have to prepare. Look at our economy, look at the rural areas, the level of illiteracy in the country.”

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