PDP mocks Abe, tackles Cole’s plan, dismisses Itubo’s vibes 

PDP mocks Abe, tackles Cole’s plan, dismisses Itubo’s vibes 

By PHC Telegraph

Senator Magnus Abe: PDP mocks him over educational claims relating to statistics

The Peoples Demo-cratic Party, PDP, has mocked the candi-date of the SDP, Senator Magnus Abe, saying he could not  provide satisfactory answers on his educational plan for Rivers people.

Abe who appeared on Channels Television had been asked by Seun Okinbaloye to provide a little more insight, a little more depth, on how much he is willing to invest on his pet educational programme.

Abe had talked about free education at the primary school level and tuition free education at the secondary level when Seun asked if the candidate would spend more or less on education of the State’s children if he were to be voted in.

Instead of providing viewers across the country with possible statistics, the former lawmaker chose to attack Governor Nyesom Wike for hiding the state budget.

“Could it be that Abe has no knowledge of the number of children of school age that he is planning to take care of”, a disappointed civil servant asked.

“These politicians go about creating the impression that they understand everything. Abe has scored F9 here” the civil servant fumed.

It may well be so.

However, the Social Democrat claimed no one has seen Wike’s annual budgets in the last eight years, apparently implying the statistics required for the execution of his dream plan could be obtained exclusively from the budget.

The Rivers PDP fired back at once saying Abe’s response indicated how unprepared he is to lead a state like Rivers State.

Rt. Hon. Ogbonna Nwuke, PDP’s Director of Communications said, “Senator Abe of the SDP on the other hand could not tell his intetviewer and the public how much his educational programme will cost the Rivers people.

“Statistics for building development programmes are not obtained from budgets. They are obtained from available data gathered through research.”

The PDP observed that Abe’s response could be proof of the fact that he does  not have members of an economic or educational team that is working with him.

“Abe who neither has an economic nor educational team that is planning his programmers”, Nwuke remarked, “displayed through his effort to hide behind what he claimed is the non availability of the Rivers budget that he has no plan for Rivers people except smart and deceptive talk.”

Tonye Cole: We are talking about linking Riverine communities to the Upland, PDP says in response to Cole’s water transportation agenda 

“Tonye Cole in course of the inter view admitted that his mass transportation plan will include the monorail rail project on which over N50 billion has already been wasted without any positive benefit”, the Director of Publicity and Communications revealed.

He went on, “Rivers people should note that the monorail scheme they have rejected has been re-conceived by Cole as a new conduit pipe designed to siphon public funds by the leadership of the APC.

The PDP argued it has provided meaningful infrastructure that is helping in various ways to open up the Rivers countryside where the bulk of the people reside.

Angulama and Krakrama are two Kalabari settlements that are soon to be reached by road, following the construction of the Trans Kalabari Road.

The PDP explained that the status of two semi urban areas, Bori and Ahoada have been raised through the quality of roads and other infrastructure that are being put in place.

“The Wike administration has practically provided infrastructure, including roads in Bori and Ahoada, two semi urban centres as part of its urban renewal programme.

“It has also provided increased access between the grassroots and the state capital.”

The PDP mocked the APC over its water transport policy.

“While the PDP is talking about connecting Riverine areas to the Upland, Cole who could not tell Nigerians on national television where his two new cities will be carved out from is dreaming about a water transport system that the organized private sector is capable of handling”, the party said.

Urging Rivers, people to support it, the PDP noted that the State cannot afford to toy with the future by engaging in what it referred to as undue experimentation.

The party accused Mrs Itubo’s of Labour Party of holding unto the headship of the Labour movement despite emerging as the gubernatorial candidate, adding that her comments on television did not show she is indeed serious.

“Mrs Beatrice Itubo of the Labour Party who as a governorship candidate refuses to relinquish her position as the State Chairman of the NLC did not show when questioned by Channels that she has any  grip of the real issues confronting Rivers State.

“For us in the PDP  this is not a time to engage in undue experimentation. Sir Siminalayi Fubara who understands the role infrastructure plays in development has pledged to create gas and industrial hubs.

Sir Siminalayi Fubara vows to provide gas and industrial hubs as part of a master plan to create jobs in Rivers State. 

“Unlike our opponents who have no agenda, you can see how we plan to create jobs through deliberate industrialization.

“We urge Rivers people to cast their votes for all PDP candidates in Saturday’s Governorship and State House of Assembly elections.”

“Governor Wike has laid the foundation for growth, Sim Fubara will finish the job”, the PDP added.

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