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WIKE: What Sule Lamido told Peter Obi

WIKE: What Sule Lamido told Peter Obi
●  Happy Southern President emerged;
●  Says he did not campaign against Obi;
●  Notes G5 championed power rotation

   Governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike of Rivers State has revealed what former Governor of Jigawa State, Sule Lamido told Peter Obi. Wike who was exchanging views with leaders of Ohaneze Ndi Igbo Worldwide in Port Harcourt said Obi who travelled to Jigawa to see Lamido was told without finese that the North would win the presidency.

“Obi was running with us”, Wike narrated, “I knew when Obi left. He was principled and he said he can’t stand it.

“People should say the truth. He went to see Sule Lamido in Jigawa, not in Dutse, but in a village that will take you more than four or five hours drive from Dutse the capital.

“You know what he told Obi? He didn’t tell him that look, you came late and I have chosen somebody.

“He said it is the north that will produce the next president. That was how Obi left saying why is he wasting time. Ask him, that’s how he left PDP.”

Wike noted that was exactly played out on the convention ground in Abuja when it became clear he was poised to sail to victory.

He said some Southerners were used to sabotage his presidential bid at the very last moment

“That was what I saw at the convention ground. Within minutes, knowing that I was going to win, your sons were all the ones who did everything, sabotaged me. I said ok, no problem.

“But I still maintained that look, if you have taken the presidential candidate you can’t take chairmanship again, give us back the chairman and I still stand by that and if you don’t do that whatever you see you take.”

Wike refuted claims in the social media, suggesting that he worked against Peter Obi.

Governor Nyesom Wike: My fight was against people of impunity in the system. 

“I supported that power must come to the south”, Wike told Ohaneze NdiIgbo at the Rivers State Government House.

“When Obi came here, I gave him all the logistics; vehicles, other supports and paid for the stadium, but some other persons applied and I refused. You should know me too well by now”, Wike remarked.

He said he felt satisfied that a Southerner would preside over the affairs of Nigeria due to the eventual outcome of the presidential elections conducted on the 25th of February 2023.

Wike observed that the electoral outcome is now an undeniable justification of the undeterred advocacy embarked upon by the G-5 governors.

The Rivers Governor maintained  that the G5 otherwise known as the Integrity Group are bonafide Governors of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) who made both individual and material sacrifices to ensure power rotation.

Wike explained that as an advocate of southern presidency, it is not possible for him to have worked against the winning chances of any presidential candidate from the south.

He said he has been unjustly labelled in some sections of the Social media as someone that worked against Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party.

People like himself

, Wike noted, are hated because they speak their minds all the time, but he stressed that misconceptions such as that will not force him to take an apologetic stance on issues.

He explained that before the election, the integrity group met in Abuja and took a decision to support the position of governors of the All Progressives Congress (APC) who came out strong to say that power must shift to the south for the unity of Nigeria.

Governor Wike said the agreement was to the extent that no votes in their various States should be ceded to any northern candidate, which was what really happened.

The governor stressed that a careful look at the results of election in those States shows that southern presidential candidates emerged in first and second positions as evidence of the massive voting support they got.

“We also agreed we must vote for the south, no vote for the northern candidate”, Wike went on.

As he put it, “Our contributions, nobody knows. If you check the pattern, we agreed the south must come first and second in any State.

“And check it, all the voting patterns. If Labour Party wins here, APC will take second. If APC wins here, Labour Party will take second.

“That was our position. All my campaigns, nobody can say he heard me abuse Obi or Tinubu, I didn’t do that.

“My campaign was against people of impunity who disobeyed the (PDP) constitution by saying there should not be zoning when there is a provision in our party’s constitution that there must be zoning of elective and appointive offices.”

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