The Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Nyesom Wike challenges the PDP to punish him.

Tinubu: Why I Agreed To Serve Under His Administration – Wike 

Tinubu: Why I Agreed To Serve Under His Administration – Wike

By PHC Telegraph

Nyesom Wike, the FCT Minister has explained why he decided to serve in the administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Wike said while flagging off the rehabilitation of some roads in the Garki area that he agreed to get on board for two reasons.

The fact that the President feels the pains of ordinary Nigerians, Wike said convinced him that he meant business.

Wike also disclosed that he has strong faith in the determination of Tinubu to  fulfill promises that he made to the Nigerian people while campaigning.

“I have told you here if anything was not going to work”, the former governor said to crowd that came together to witness the event, “I would not be a party.”

“I know Mr President means well for this country”, the former governor who supported power rotation remarked.

“He wants the best for the country, that’s why I said I would serve in his cabinet because he has shown Nigerians that he feels their pains”, the Rivers strongman noted.

Wike stressed Abuja would never be the same again, saying the commitment of the Federal Capital Territory Authority, FCTA, to transform the nation’s capital is gradually manifesting.

Assuring residents of the FCT that they would get a better bargain under the Tinubu administration,  the no-nonsense administrator hinted, “FCT before now is not the same FCT as of now. We would change everything,”

He appealed for understanding on the part of Abuja residents, urging them to be patient and support the government.

Although Wike made no reference to anyone in particular, analyst say his explanation adequately took the sail off some of the loose allegations peddled last week by aggrieved members of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

Largely, these persons are perceived as close supporters of the PDP’s defeated presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar who is believed to have lost out because of Wike and the G5.

They have alleged Wike acted for selfish reasons and lied when he said he would never work with the APC.

“Working with the APC is one thing; and working with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is another”, a strong supporter of the Minister said in Port Harcourt.

“Working with the patriot that Tinubu is, is what appeals to Wike. On the road to the election, the candidates talked about rescuing Nigeria.

“Now that Wike and others have joined forces to rescue Nigeria, something that most leading politicians spoke about the same way they talked about removing petroleum subsidy, what is the problem?

“It shows these people never believed in the Nigerian project. Tinubu’s search for a bipartisan solution to Nigeria’s many problems is the greatest thing that he has done as a true leader.

“Political parties are mere delivery vehicles. Serving national interest does cannot be equated with serving political party interests.

“Serving this great country, regardless of one’s political leaning, is something no one who claims to love this country should ignore ”

But Wike’s  comment about Tinubu’s feeling for the pains of the Nigerian people is resonating.

Tinubu flew all the way from New Delhi where he attended the G20 meeting to the United Arab Emirate.

While in that country,  he resolved a year-old dispute which  had stalled relations between both sides.

Flights between both countries are to resume and Nigerians who have business interests in the UAE can now pursue them unhindered.

In India, Tinubu secured deals worth about $14b with businessmen who want to invest in Nigeria.

Next week in the US, he would be the first black leader ever to ring the bell on the NASDAQ trading platform marking the close of a business day.

It may be that in choosing to throw his lot behind Tinubu, Wike may have been right.

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