What “Jay Jay” Okocha is Up To These Days

What Austin “Jay Jay” Okocha is Up To These Days

● How he is working to provide shelter for the less privileged

By PHC Telegraph

Austin Jay Jay Okocha, a football legend turns attention to the needy. Behind him are houses that he is building in a community in Enugu State where he was born.

Austin Jay Jay Okocha has been in the news for what he is doing in Cote d’Ivoire to ensure that Nigeria’s Super Eagles come home with the trophy.

Along with Ahmed Musa, the prayer warrior who is like a chaplain of the Eagles, Okocha has continued to motivate members of the national team, encouraging them to work as a unit and helping to sort out differences when the need arises.

Some of the houses under construction

But that is not the only thing of worth that the famed Nigerian footballer and artful SuperSports commenta-tor who brought glory to Nigeria in his hey days is doing to put smiles on the faces of Nigerians.

Less privileged Nigerians, especially those in Enugu who are struggling day and night to make ends meet, now have an opportunity to heave sighs of relief.

Reports reaching our news desk say Austin Jay Jay Okocha is building homes for the poor and less privileged in that State.

On the whole, Okocha who hails from Anioma in Delta State is building a total of 100 bungalows in a community in Enugu where he was born.

Okocha who began his playing career with the Enugu Rangers comes from a family of exceptional footballers.

His senior brother, Emmanuel played for the Super Eagles in his time while his young nephew, Alex Iwobi, currently plays for Nigeria  and Fulham.

The footballer whose philanthropic gesture has just been revealed is trying to give back a little to a community that he considers as his second hometown.

How the finishing of one of the bungalows and the environment being provided for the less privileged looks at close range.

He is quoted by ChelseaNewzz, an online blog, as saying that he has always wanted to provide succour for the less privileged in society.

As things are, Jay Jay is pursuing his dream while expectations are rising particularly among the less privileged in a State that gave him shelter as a kid.

When the 100 bungalows which are at various stages of completion are finished and delivered, Okocha would have done a good deed for hundred poor families who cannot afford decent accommodation at this time.

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