Governor Siminalayi Fubara Friday morning delivered a statewide broadcast to the people of Rivers State.

Battle For the Soul Of Rivers: Offering Prayers For Sim

Battle For the Soul Of Rivers: Offering Prayers For Sim 

● How the fight continues despite the execution of a peace deal;
● The Lord crowned me Governor- Fubara;
● Do not touch our political structure – Wike

By PHC Telegraph

“Fear Not”, Bishop Emmanuel Oko-Jaja barked from the pulpit as he admonished Siminalayi Fubara, Governor of Rivers State.

The clergy man who spoke at the start of the current legal year urged the Governor to be of great cheer, saying the Lord would take up his battles and fight them.

Several weeks after the bishop’s exaltation, the war between the Governor and Minister Nyesom Wike is yet to abate.

Despite the peace deal which was expected to offer a political solution to the Rivers political crisis, some supporters of the Governor, including his newly appointed Chief of Staff, Edison Ehie are being hunted  by the police in connection with the alleged role that they purportedly played in the Rivers State House of Assembly bombing.

How Ehie became involved in the killing of SP Bako Angbashim remains a mystery. Some argue that the allegations against him might be politically motivated.

But the police believe that the former lawmaker who aspired to occupy the position of the Speaker at the height of the crisis which engulfed the State may have questions to answer.

Two courts, one in Abuja and another in Port Harcourt have stepped into the fray, offering two diametrically opposed pronouncements.

While the court in Abuja has summoned Ehie to appear before it, following a matter instituted by the Inspector General of Police, the court in Port Harcourt has issued an exparte order barring the Nigeria Police from arresting Ehie, pending the determination of the matter before it.

Will both parties in the Rivers conflict return to the Presidency as the differences between them seemingly escalates?

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Will he be willing to weigh in once again?

It is difficult at this stage to say what will happen now that the police appears to have gone outside what looks like the premise of the Rivers peace accord to institute a strong criminal case.

Evans Bipi who represented the Governor at a thanksgiving which held a couple of days ago at Akinima, headquarters of the Ahoada West Local Government Area hinted that so much money was thrown into efforts by those he referred  to as detractors to destabilize the Rivers State Government and impeach Fubara.

To govern effectively, Fubara would need to have a peaceful atmosphere. Beyond that, the government’s quest to attract foreign investments would largely depend on it.

As the war deepens, and supporters on both sides fight for space and political relevance, many in Rivers State are increasingly turning towards fasting and prayer.

So much is at stake – power, honour, freedom, dignity, integrity, pursuit of good governance and the future of the oil rich state.

On the surface, what the eyes sees is the confrontation between the Governor and the Minister which is reverberating, across the country, and creating tension in some circles.

Beneath, it is a fight for the control of the apparatus of state; control of the economic resources which confer relevance and a semblance of authority on state actors who are in charge or who may want to be directly in charge.

More significantly, is the authoritative control of the process which spins the wheel of growth and development, and determines who gets what, when and how.

Nobody in Rivers State desires open clashes and bloodshed. They want the two major gladiators who were like father and son before the crisis to sink their differences and align in the interest of the State.

Sim has acknowledged that his rise to power has the hand of God, and urged the people to pray ceaselessly.

According to the Governor, God does not make a mistake. The events that are playing out, he pointed out, must be intended for the actualization of a purpose.

Speaking at Opobo during a thanksgiving service, the Governor noted, “A lot of people who started this journey with us ought to have been here with us but unfortunately they are not here. God knows why. We can’t question the Almighty.

“But one thing we can’t take away is that God does not make any mistake. Whatever happens, and when it happens, it is for a purpose.

“I am happy to return this glory to God Almighty, to say thank you to God, and ask for extra energy to continue with the task of governance. But no battle can be bigger than God.”

Apparently removing his emergence from the realm of man’s influence and alluding to how the Almighty made him the choice of the kingmakers, Fubara explained:

“We came in; we were selected because they believed we have something that we will do for our State. We have not been given the opportunity to do those things that we ought to do for our State.

“We have had a lot of distractions but I strongly believe that while we navigate the path of peace, prayer is also needed for us to pass over this phase. Continue to put us in your prayers. There is nothing that God cannot do.”

Wike who has said very little since the quarrel with his successor blew into the open was not in Opobo where billboards which had his face were forcefully removed soon after the Supreme Court ruling.

However, the former State Governor has made it known that he will not sit by, fold his hands and watch the destruction of his political structure.

The Minister who spoke when Governors of the PDP visited him in Abuja stated that he would fight any one who has any intention to touch the structure.

Somehow, Wike has demonstrated as Sim begins to make some political inroads in the State that the political structure built in the last 12 years is in place.

That structure was called into action in Omoku, called to action at Bera in Gokana and also called into action in Okrika.

Already, the Grassroots Development Initiative, GDI, a non governmental organ which is part of Wike’s structure has gone to work.

As at the last count, it has commenced the revalidation of its membership in the Rivers East, Rivers West and Rivers South East.

Speaking in Buguma at the installation of Alabo George Kelly as the Chief of his family, Wike observed that peace has returned to the State.

Nyesom Wike in Buguma with George Kelly and others who belong to his political structure

He said that as a result of the intervention of the President the three arms of government – the executive,  Legislature and the judiciary are working excellently and independently.

“The Executive, Legislature and the Judiciary are all functioning independently. All thanks to the President”, Wike noted while chatting with a handful of journalists.

Governor Siminalayi Fubara was not present at the chieftaincy installation ceremony at Buguma in the Asari Toru Local Government Area.

Fubara was not present at the chieftain-cy installat-ion. There is also no evidence that he sent a represent-ative to stand in for him at the occasion.

Nonetheless, in pursuit of peaceful relations, Fubara the other day took his X wall to send a few kind words to Wike on the occasion of his 56th birthday.

“We sincerely pray that your new age brings you joy and good health,” Fubara stressed in his birthday felicitation, “I congratulate my oga.”

Yet, some see what exists as uneasy calm, with some suggesting that the state may be sitted on a keg of gunpowder.

Wike said at Bera, “Forget about these hungry noisemakers on the road. When the time comes, we will know who is in charge and who is not in charge.

“I don’t know whether you understand what I am saying. There is a time for everything. There is a time to plant and there is a time to harvest.

“We have no time for politics. This is not the time for anybody to say: ‘I am for this, I am for that’. We have not reached that time. When the time comes, we will know who is who.”

“Continue to put us in your prayers”, Fubara who is refusing to join issues with his boss says as he calls on the faithful for prayers, insisting, “There is nothing that God cannot do.”

In churches and other sundry places, prayers are being offered for Fubara by prayer warriors as the battle intensifies.

They are prayers for peace and prayers for victory. It is not easy to tell on whose side God will be found.

But the prayers go on non-stop for Fubara and Wike even as the supplicants add in the presence of the Lord, “Give us this day, our daily bread.”

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