Protesters on the streets of Ibadan calling out the Tinubu administration because of growing hunger in the country.

Food Crisis: Protests Against ‘Tinubunomics’ Increases Across The Country

Food Crisis: Protests Against ‘Tinubunomics’ Increases Across The Countrya

● Red Cross projects 25 million Nigerians have no food to eat as the hunger threat spreads;
● Plans to launch an appeal fund to provide succour to hungry Nigerians underway;
● Protests take place in Oyo, Niger, Kano, Sokoto, Osun and Lagos States;

Protesters on the streets of Ibadan calling out the Tinubu administration because of growing hunger in the country.

By PHC Telegraph

Fresh protests against the government of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu have broken out in Ibadan, capital of Oyo State.

Nigerians, from the picture that is emerging across the country  are increasingly raising their voices in protest against growing food insecurity.

Youths in their hundreds poured unto the streets in the historic city to express their dissatisfaction with the administration over its inability to find quick fix solutions to the hunger crisis that is facing the nation.

They were seen around Mokola area, carrying placards that read, “The Poor Are Starving”, “Tinubu,  Don’t Forget Your Promises”, and “End Food Hike and Inflation”.

Queen Mobolaji, one of the activists who hit the street to protest high food prices speaks to the press

A female protester, Queen Mobolaji, said on Arise Television that ordinary Nigerians are dying of hunger.

The aim of the protest, Mobolaji hinted, was not to confront or abuse the administration and its leadership.

But she said protesters were on the street to draw government attention to the problem which is claiming human lives.

The Ibadan protest is coming on the heels of other demonstrations held across the country to protest the high cost of food in the market.

Sokoto, Niger, Kano, Osun and Lagos States have witnessed street marches that have gone on peacefully.

Most protesters in the Yoruba State are vowing to remain on the street until they receive signals that governments at the national and sub-national levels are ready to address the hunger threat.

The Emir of Kano had told Nigeria’s First Lady, Remi Tinubu when she visited the palace a couple of days ago, to tell her husband that the Nigerian people are very hungry.

The Sultan of Sokoto in his reaction disclosed that Nigeria is sitting on keg of gunpowder.  He said that unless something is urgently done.

Although demonstrations are yet to take place in the South South and the South East, food prices have skyrocketed in Rivers, Edo, Delta, Cross River, Akwa Ibom and Bayelsa states.

And there are indications, given information that we are gathering on the ground, that there may be plans to embark on a protest in one of the South South States.

“The idea is to get governments in the region to turn attention to the food scourge”, an activist who revealed that something is slowly brewing said, “It is serious. We need to get our governors to use part of the money that they are getting from the removal of subsidy on PMS.

“Tinubu has to hear from us that Nigerians in the Niger Delta are facing serious hard times. Families are starving, parents are fretting and youths may become restive if the situation persists.”

As protests trail hunger in the land, the Red Cross, an international aids organisation, says that about 25 million Nigerians will fall within the bracket that cannot afford what to eat.

Accordingly,  it is launching an appeal fund in collaboration with Eko Bank to raise money to feed Nigerians that are unable  to afford  to place food on their table.

In the meantime,  food prices have dropped in Kwara, Kano, Sokoto and Niger States as a result of the strong move against commodity hoarding.

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