Governor Siminalayi Fubara of Rivers State.

More Lawmakers Embrace Fubara As Rivers Assembly Plays Its Hand

More Lawmakers Embrace Fubara As Rivers Assembly Plays Its Hand

● 7 lawmakers make a statement by staying away;
● 8 more may join the Fubara fold in the long run

By PHC Telegraph

Moment of reflection: Governor Siminalayi Fubara, calm and relaxed thinks of his next move as more Rivers people gravitate in the direction of his administration. 


The number of state lawmakers who were absent on a day that 24 members of the Rivers State House of Assembly chose to override the veto of the Governor rose from four to seven.

It was the first time that will happen, but not many in Rivers, a critical State in the South South geopolitical zone, took note of this development.

Speaker Martins Amaewhule announced that the Assembly had passed the bill on the Rivers State Assembly Commission into law by a total of 24 valid votes to nil.

The State Governor, Siminalayi Fubara from the run of events had not given his accent to the bill which seeks among other things, to place the clerk of the Rivers State House of Assembly at the same level as the Secretary to the State Government.

Similarly, some top officers below the clerk, the content of the revised bill showed, are to enjoy renumeration that is equivalent to that of Permanent Secretaries in the State Civil Service.

Whereas it is the prerogative of the governor to appoint the Chairman of the Assembly Commission, the point that Edison Ehie made when he spoke, lawmakers who are believed to  work with Wike voted to appropriate the power conventionally reserved for the State Governor.

Incidentally, the 24 lawmakers whose seats are being challenged in court were elected on the platform of the PDP before they cross carpeted to the APC. .

Speaker Martins Amaewhule


What played out at the venue of the Rivers Assembly sitting represented a marginal shift in terms of number on the floor of the 32-member parliament.

Four members of the House of Assembly representing the PDP have been openly associated with the Rivers Governor after sharp differences between him and the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory blew into the open.

But the action of the lawmakers declared absent on Friday when the vote was called by the Speaker on Friday sent strong signals.

Speaker Martins Amaehule in an attempt to explain the absences of some lawmakers,  including those who work closely on his side in the pro-Wike movement, blamed the non participation of the seven lawmakers on ‘absenteeism’.

But, in real terms as events pawn out, what Speaker Ameawhule summarily blamed on absenteeism  may not completely represent a clear picture of what is happening.

What is happening on ground suggests that Governor Siminalayi Fubara who now has seven members of the House on his side is making serious political incursions into areas that Wike controlled exclusively,  including Obio/Akpor Local Government Area.

There are also indications, from what we are hearing, that many more lawmakers who are supposedly supporters of Wike are likely to shift their allegiance to the State as time goes on.

The Port Harcourt Telegraph can now confirm that the coalition put together on the floor of the House by the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Chief Nyesom Wike to fight Fubara on the home front is beginning to have serious issues.

Of late, there have been reports in the media that some members of the House who are backing the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory have engaged in scuffles, following deep-seated differences.

The bad blood which is purportedly developing amongst them, the Telegraph has learnt, is a product of what seems like a rebellion that is taking root within the fold.

Some are accusing the leader (Wike) of displaying preference for a handful of lawmakers and obviously downplaying the contributions as well as risks that others are taking.

The same feeling is spreading within the larger camp where many are not happy with the way the former state governor is handling appointments that are being made at the national level through him.

Despite efforts to pepper over things, the twists and turns have continued unabated, to the extent that many close associates that Wike describes as ‘political harlots’ have left to pitch tents with Fubara.

Inside the Wike camp, the spread of gossips and malicious propaganda as well as the slander of innocent people in an attempt by some to gain the favour of their leader has become the order of the day.

However, what occurred on the floor of the Assembly on Friday was a clear pointer to the fact that Rivers lawmakers who do not believe in the idea that the Assembly should be turned into a fighting ground have now started to think differently.

“More importantly, the event which played out on the floor of the Assembly last week indicated that differences among some pro-Wike lawmakers which was reported in the media are steadily coming to the surface”, a source explained.

Besides, as a Telegraph survey has shown, many lawmakers in the PDP dominated State are facing serious pressures from their constituents at the grassroots.

Most at the countryside who are pro-Sim want their representatives elected through their votes to realign their political views on matters of state.

Said the Publisher of the Port Harcourt Telegraph, Rt. Hon. Ogbonna Nwuke, “The issue is not what Wike wants, what Sim Fubara wants or what the strong ones around them want.

“The issue is what the Rivers people want. What they want is peace; what they want is stability.

“They are saying they want Fubara to lead them from the front and not from the rear; and equally saying they do not want to take dictations from people who are acting as if they own the State.”

A female lecturer in one of the tertiary institutions owned by the State told the Telegraph, “I’m not particularly a fan of Sim but I don’t think that it is right for Wike to attempt to teleguide him. Did Wike allow anyone to own him as governor? The answer is a capital no. So, Wike must allow the Governor to be his oen man. There is no need for this muscle flexing”

Barrister Nyesom Wike(left) and his ‘godson’, Governor Siminalayi Fubara of Rivers State. The centre can no longer hold.


Wike is not giving up either in his bid to cut Fubara to size and show the world that he indeed controls the pulse of  Rivers State.

He is boasting that he will continue to defeat Rivers people whom he refers to as political harlots, vowing he will not allow those who do not agree with him to have peace.

“This is why the fight is crucial”, a pro-Fubara supporter volunteered, “We need to liberate Rivers people from the clutches of persons who want to control the destiny of the Rivers State and turn the rest of us, into slaves in our own land. ”

Months after the liberation war broke out following the resolve to resist the move by certain forces to govern the State by proxy, popular support for Sir Siminalayi Fubara has been getting stronger.

A greater percentage of the Rivers population, according to statistics, is very youthful and these youths across the State are rallying behind Governor Fubara who just turned 49.

“This is our government”, a young Rivers man who used to be an active member of the GDI remarked, ” We supported Wike and Wike ruled for eight years. It is now the turn of Fubara.

“Wike must allow Fubara to govern the State at his own terms no matter what he thinks is the agreement between them.”

A man who gave his name simply as Amadi remarked, “I am a civil servant. The Governor is doing what the Rivers people want from him.

“He is taking care of much needed development projects, giving a ray of hope to us civil servants through our promotion and the payment of entitlements and bonuses that are due us.

“Gratuities and pension are being paid to pensioners while the Secretariat Complex abandoned by Wike is similarly receiving appropriate attention.”

For Belema, a fish seller at the Creek Road Market, “I  don hear say we governor dey build house for poor people like us.  Dat na good thing na. God go bless am well well. Wetin wey dis fine man do? Abeg make una tell Wike say we poor people wan make him leave am. Na God put am there.”

Although Wike is liked, the mood on ground favours Fubara who is preaching peace and rallying Rivers people together even in the face of unwarranted provocation.

Our information as we went to bed is that more lawmakers in the State are likely to return to the political mainstream in a couple of weeks.

That will swell the number of lawmakers in the Assembly that will work with Fubara, an insider hinted.

“We are looking at the possibility of having 15 lawmakers throwing their support behind the Governor”, a former lawmaker who is pro-Sim revealed.

“The interest of Rivers State is greater than that of an individual. Wike should be able to understand this.

“We are not saying Wike did not do well in office. We are not saying he did not bring Sim as he says. We are saying Wike should leave Sim alone to work for Rivers people”, the former lawmaker who spoke under anonymous conditions added.

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