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Category: Polijist


We are not there yet 

We’re not there yet. The shore is not in sight! We’ve been aboard the boat expected to take us to the land who knows how long, rowing the boat in the direction of hope. It hasn’t been easy for the seafarers,who reside by the banks;…


Kanu, you slapped us 

We are watching a reality show, like no other, playing out on the streets. It all began like a peaceful procession at first. We haven’t seen Nigerian youths in action in a long time as a nation. Here they were, before our very eyes, in…


Hope’s Hopeless Tantrums 

Time is  something no one has time to waste. It is short in supply, central to man’s calculations and so difficult to manage. Who then would like to manage creeps in our midst and still find time to manage time? Nobody! Creeps are unwanted distractions….


We, the People 

See where we have come.  A new decade that was expected to extend the frontier of man’s hope and optimism. A world that is locking down increasingly. A virus that is relentlessly on the rampage. And a time when fear is spreading in a manner…


Held by the Adam’s Apple 

But for Biblical attempts to explain its existence,, not many know why the protrusion in the neck region, especially in men is known as the Adam’s Apple. The dictionary defines the Adam’s Apple as “a projection at the front of the neck formed by the…


A world of too many problems 

No one thought it would turn out like this. But it has. Like the canker worm,  it is eating deeper and deeper. Markets are tumbling; stocks are losing in value; jetliners are being grounded all over the world as travel and tourism take a bashing….