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Category: World


Europe comes under American hammer 

The United States has announced it is ending citizen-to-contact with Europe as a result of the Coronavirus. But it said there would be a few exceptions when the measure goes into effect on Friday. President Donald Trump who addressed the American people Wednesday said the…


The world waits for Trump 

Americans and others across the globe are waiting for the reaction of the President of the United States. The US President, Donald Trump is billed to address his nation any moment from now. Shortly after the attack, President Trump said on Twitter that all was…


Iran sends missiles flying 

Iranians who vowed revenge, following the death of General Qaesam Soleimani have ordered attacks on two US military bases in Iraq. Missiles, about a dozen, flew through Iranian territory on the way to Iraq and predetermined American targets. One of the bases targeted by the…


US interests under attack in Iraq 

Crowds of angry Iraqi demonstrators have stormed the American embassy in Baghdad. Although demonstrators have been unable to gain access into the fortified facility, protesters are still surrounding the embassy, with US officials locked in within the complex. President Donald Trump  who hailed the authorities …


Russia threatens retaliation 

Russia has warned it would respond decisively to a missile test conducted by America. Washington which pulled away from the INF Treaty entered into by both sides launched a cruise missile which is part of the short range weapons that have banned over the years….