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Tag: Ogbonna Nwuke


When shall you return? 

By Ogbonna Nwuke I haven’t lowered that gaze Since you set my heart ablaze An’ lit the tiny lantern Of hope, joy, grace It burns, The tiny lantern burns, It burns in our heart Where thoughts of you reside. In your absence We sought to…


We are not there yet 

We’re not there yet. The shore is not in sight! We’ve been aboard the boat expected to take us to the land who knows how long, rowing the boat in the direction of hope. It hasn’t been easy for the seafarers,who reside by the banks;…


Wike has no right to discriminate – APC 

The All Progressives Congress, APC, has criticised the plan by the Wike administration to limit available employment opportunities  in Government establishments to persons within the age bracket of 25 to 35 years, saying such a step is intended to promote discrimination. Spokesman for the APC, …


Kanu, you slapped us 

We are watching a reality show, like no other, playing out on the streets. It all began like a peaceful procession at first. We haven’t seen Nigerian youths in action in a long time as a nation. Here they were, before our very eyes, in…

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