The rumoured plot by Ikwerre chiefs to bring Governor Nyesom Wike and his predecessor in office, Rt Hon Rotimi Amaechi to the round table has not succeeded as initially thought.
This is because both highly respected Ikwerre sons who, in the public eye, are sworn enemies may have failed to bulge.
Although it was initially seen like some kind of speculation, the Telegraph can authoritatively report that the plot to reconcile the two men has been quietly going on, with some chiefs encouraged by the Ikwerre ethnic nation under the auspices of Ogbakor Ikwerre to continue the hunt for peace.
Somehow, the war of words between both men which used to lead to the escalation of tension in the State has minimized. Some say this is part of the benefits of ongoing mediation efforts designed to pave way for the reconciliation of the two warriors.
The Ikwerres are worried that the absence of a common front might stagnate their match forward and distort some of the planned objectives on the template of what many in Rivers State describe as the Ikwerre agenda.
With 16 years of Ikwerre rule almost completed and talks about another Ikwerre man in Government House, strategists from the ethnic group think that it would be near impossible to move to the next level, especially at the national level without proper cooperation and integration.
“What we have attained these years”, a source remarked, “has been possible because our unity and collaboration. We think that unless we are able to keep our people together, some ground would be lost.
“If you ask me, it is our finest hour. We have dominated the governorship and we are dominating ministerial appointments too. It is therefore in our best interest to bring everyone together under one roof”, the source added.
There is however growing urgency in the quest by the Ikwerres to reconcile the former governor of Rivers State and his successor.
We have learnt that most Ikwerre people are aware of Wike’s alleged move to join the APC.
“We think”, said one insider that “Chibuike Amaechi and his brother Nyesom Wike have to be on one page if the governor is to get a foothold in the APC.”
This is why, an Etche traditional ruler stated, “our colleagues who are chiefs in Ikwerreland have stepped up their bid.”
But schemes behind the scene by Wike to weaken Amaechi’s grip in the APC through subtle support for dissidents who have remained resolute in their resolve to destroy the Ubima-born politician may stand between full reconciliation and the two Ikwerre sons.
Wike is capitalizing on the hunger which exists within the rank and file of the APC and what some erstwhile allies of Amaechi see as an alleged plot by the Minister of Transportation to retire them from the political mainstream.
In the meantime, Ikwerre chiefs continue their efforts to bring the two men together.
Across Rivers State, people are keeping keen watch on the moves of the two leaders as many gradually buy into the idea that there may indeed be an Ikwerre agenda designed to encourage the domination of Rivers matters by the ethnic group.
The level of suspicion and despair arising from what is seen as the Ikwerre motive by other tribes is beginning to reach breaking point.

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