Developing story: The Virus is here, FG affirms

The Federal Ministry of Health has confirmed Nigeria has recorded its first case of the coronavirus.
The authorities affirmed Friday, the country has a case of the coronavirus on its lap.
But officials are reassuring Nigerians, there is no cause for alarm.
Efforts to contain the spread of the virus, according  to information,  are now in top gear across the country, with the Lagos State Government reporting it has established an 80-bed quarantine base where victims can be kept.
Already, the authorities have ordered the closure of a facility in Ogun State owned by Lafarge.
The facility was visited by the Italian whose entry into the country is linked to the importation of the virus.
Similarly, persons with whom the Italian reportedly made contact while in Ogun have been tracked down in order to allow officials confirm their status.
Italy has recorded cases of the viral infection which is spreading like a bushfire across the world.
About 328 persons throughout Italy are reportedly infected by the deadly virus.
Health experts say the ailment which is ravaging parts of the world is fast turning into a pandemic.
The World Health Organisation,  WHO, has upgraded the threat level from “high” to “very high”.
Close on the heels of the WHO, the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres solicited government intervention across the world to contain the escalating virus.
Observers acknowledge Nigeria has relative experience in the management of virus related occurrences, given the successful containment of the Ebola virus within record time.
There are expectations among experts that Nigeria would effectively deal with the situation.
Sub Saharan countries in Africa are beginning to record incidences of the coronavirus.
The level is projected to increase.
Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health has urged Nigerians to cultivate good sanitary habits, saying such habits are critical to efforts being put in place to halt the advance of the virus.
It advised Nigerians in a statement to wash their hands regularly; avoid crowded places; observe the highest level of personal hygiene; and stay away from coughing persons.

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