Expectations are mounting in Rivers State where a windfall of approximately N78 billion is being awaited from the Federal Government.
The money in question isn’t stolen money stacked away abroad by a previous administration which is being returned to the coffers of the State.
Rather, the N78 billion that is being awaited is coming from positive investments made in an era of principled and effective leadership in Rivers State by the administration of Rt. Hon. Rotimi Amaechi.
Amaechi had invested heavily on the provision of infrastructure during his eight year reign, but those who apparently set out to disparage him after he left office claimed he had left nothing behind.
Now the truth is creeping out into the open.
The princely sum is coming from the Federal Government for jobs executed on its behalf, and in pursuit of the well-being of the people.
President Muhammadu Buhari who has already approved the release of the funds said states which invested on federal projects were entitled to the refund.
The Governors of Rivers and Bayelsa States, according to information, would be reaping the highest dividend from the federal move.
In the case of Rivers State, the N78 billion would be coming from the unparalleled efforts of the government of Rotimi Amaechi to touch lives.
Amaechi has been persistently demonized, especially by Governor Wike, for allegedly putting nothing on ground during his eight-year rule.
But the decision of the Federal Government to pay for infrastructure that his administration executed has put a lie to such claims.
It is significant proof which confirms what many have been saying that the Amaechi years had been eventful.
Said the Publisher of the Port Harcourt Telegraph, “Somehow, the Federal Government may not have intended it; but its action may however reawaken public consciousness, especially around the concept of developmental activism which was pursued by the Amaechi administration.”
The kind of money that is being expected by the Rivers State Government at a time of great economic uncertainty may prove useful to the State, which from all indications, has an economic outlook and unemployment rate that looks rather bleak.
Statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics reveal Rivers and Akwa Ibom states have the highest rate of unemployment rate in Nigeria despite its status as an oil bearing entity.
The Amaechi era had witnessed rapid transformation in the area of road construction, provision of health centres and model primary as well as secondary schools
Records show that 200 fully equipped schools were commissioned in 200 days in 200 communities across the State.
Children went to school free and were provided with school uniforms, school bags and school sandals.
Similarly, 200 health centres were commissioned in 200 days in 200 communities across the State.
The Government built the Songhai Farm, established banana farms for export and developed fish farms.
It is on record that it set up the RSDDA which employed Rivers people and awarded scholarships to Rivers students at home and abroad to enhance manpower needs