The Presidency which has been silent since initiating the forensic audit at the NDDC has reiterated its determination to get to the bottom of the pilfering of public funds meant for the development of the Niger Delta region.
Billions of dollars budgeted for the transformation of the region right from the inception of the Commission have vanished into tin air while the area has remained relatively underdeveloped.
Now, the Federal Government is asking deep questions which may unlock the pandora box and land many in trouble.
President Muhammadu Buhari who spoke behind closed doors with the President of the Senate, Ahmed Lawan and the Speaker of the House of Representatives said cooperation between the executive and the legislature was necessary to move the nation forward.
He said he would not side with officials of the executive arm who are intent to undermine the integrity of the National Assembly and warned he would not tolerate such behavior, especially on the part of his ministers.
The President obviously disturbed by the turbulent atmosphere created by the ongoing investigation into the affairs of NDDC said nothing would prevent the efforts of his administration to uncover the rot at the Commission.
He directed security personnel involved in the probe to speed up the process, saying he would want to be briefed regularly on the pace of work done to unearth the faces of those who have engaged in the looting of the NDDC.
Buhari’s insistence on unveiling the level of corruption plaguing the NDDC came as the Ag. Managing Director, Professor Pondei refused to proceed with the the testimony of the Commission at the National Assembly.
The Professor insisted that it would be unfair for the Chairman of the House Committee on the NDDC who has been accused of acts that are inimical to preside over the session.
The work out eventually staged by the Ag. Managing Director and members of his team, which the House considered an act of contempt, has resulted in a decision to issue a warrant of arrest.
Following the accusation levied on Senator Peter Nwaboshi who heads the Senate Committee on the NDDC, the upper house quickly set up an adhoc committee to man its investigation.
Meanwhile, in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital, a mild drama unfolded Thursday morning.
No one can say exactly who deployed security agents to the home of the former Acting Managing Director, Joi Nunieh in the early hours of Thursday.
But Governor Nyesom Wike who arrived her residence around 9am, according to sources, ordered the security operatives out of the vicinity and took the lady to the Rivers State Government House.
Wike later told the press that he had a responsibility to safeguard the life of Rivers indigenes and wondered what security operatives who probably had no arrest warrant were doing at the residence of a woman.
The governor decried the impunity exhibited by law enforcement agents who had visited the Nunieh as early as 4am.
Nunieh was billed to appear before the House Committee Thursday, but the incident may have prevented her from traveling to Abuja.
Given what played out, the House Committee now says it is making arrangements to ensure that Nunieh appears before it to testify.
There are strong indications that many heads are likely to roll, following the forensic audit ordered by President Buhari.
Many suspect there are people who do not want the report of the forensic audit to see the light of day.
Senator Godswill Akpabio, Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, had earlier asked in a statement why people, appeared to be afraid of the report.
Powerful interests, from the run of events are lurked in battle over the NDDC.
False steps that are being taken at the moment may lead to exposures which may rock the foundation of the Niger Delta and turn prominent players from the region and others at large into villains.
In the meantime, the probe into the affairs of the NDDC continues.