Bayern Munich, Germany’s soccer ambassadors, have shot into the semis of the Euro Championships, thus keeping their hunt for a treble this season on course
Against Bayern in a match played a while ago, Barca fell completely apart,  conceding  scandalously cheap goals as the German war machine romped through freely, finding its mark again and again.
The Germans were everywhere, poaching attacking, and piling relentless pressure. Their effort on a night that the best of German football was on display paid off. Bayern seized control of the midfield, mercilessly neutralized Lionel Messi who was like a walking corpse, and took over command of the wings as the tired and antiquated legs of the Spanish wobbled.
Scores at full time was Bayern 8, and Barcelona 2.
The outcome of the match would be remembered for a long time to come as the worst night for Spanish soccer.
It was a night that the Germans were superior in all departments of the game, and the Spanish waited for the full time whistle to end their humiliation.
It’s been seven years since Bayern won the championships. The German side has won the competition five times.