COVID-19: 2 judges test positive in Rivers

There are strong indications that some judges serving in Port Harcourt may have tested positive to the COVID-19 virus.

This revelation is coming as folks in Rivers State try to deal with news of the death of a judge as a result of the Coronavirus.

At least two judges serving in the State Judiciary may have tested positive to the disease, according to information reaching our news desk.

Already, there are growing concerns within the State Judiciary, following the disclosure that Justice Ogbuji who died Monday was buried without fanfare at the Port Harcourt Cemetery.

Justice Ogbuji who lost his life, due to what medical experts describe as existing underlying health conditions in relation to the virus, was among senior judges in the State who repeatedly refused to accept politically driven cases.

How Justice Ogbuji contacted the ailment is not yet known, but we have learnt via credible sources that the authorities might have embarked on contact tracing in order to track and isolate persons who could have had direct contact with him before they become superspreaders of the disease.

Our Correspondent reports that most persons who have been visiting or working in the judiciary have not been wearing masks of late, meaning safety precautions put in place to fight the pandemic are not largely followed.

Our sources say that judges were seen at a recent event organised by the NBA in Port Harcourt mingling in the crowd and shaking hands.

Across the world, there is a resurgence of the pandemic. It is spreading and spreading fast.

In Nigeria, there is evidence that the number of positive cases is gradually rising.

On November 16th, 2020, 157 new cases of the COVID-19 were registered across the country. Wednesday, 9th of December, 2020, the country recorded 474 new confirmed cases.

The total number of samples tested in Nigeria is put at 822,231. The records show that there are 70,669 confirmed cases, 65,242 discharged cases and 1,184 deaths.

A breakdown of the figures show that there are 3 025 confirmed cases in Rivers State.

Not many here agree that the Covid 19 pandemic exists. Somehow, the death of a High Court Judge may force people who may be doubting Thomases to appreciate the fact that Coronavirus truly exists within Rivers.

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2 years ago

All lies?Do you even know you can be sued for this article??!! You must be stupid! I’d advice you to go to school again and trash this article. Don’t be silly!

2 years ago

Even the picture you put is not valid.

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