Nigerians carpet Atiku: See what they think about his pro-protest call

Nigerians have come down hard on Atiku Abubakar, accusing him of stoking the fire of unrest at home while he and his family members are safely hiding away in Dubai.

A group of Nigerians, furious over the permission granted the LTG company to resume operations by the #Endears panel sitting in Lagos, took to the streets Saturday.

They  were however dispersed by security agents who had warned they would tolerate acts that are capable of distabilizing the country.

Some of the said protesters who refused to heed the warning issued by the authorities were arrested by police and taken into custody.

Actively supporting the resurgence of street protests in Nigeria over the Lekki Toll Gate, the former Vice President took to his Twitter handle Saturday to defend the right of Nigerians to embark on protest.

“The 1999 Nigerian constitution, as amended (Section 40) guarantees the right of citizens to peaceful protest. The courts have also affirmed that right. Anything contrary to that is not acceptable and stands condemned.

“It is the security agents’ responsibility to provide a secured conducive environment for citizens to protest peaceably in line with constitutional provisions and the African Charter on Human rights”, Atiku stressed from his Emirate base in Dubai.

While some Nigerians on Twitter expressed outright anger over what they think is a double-faced ploy by the politician to stir instability, others said he should return to Nigeria to lead the protests.

Kayode Ogundamasi @ogundamasi replying @Atiku remarked,  “You are 100% right, if only you followed same tenets when the government you served as Vice President picked me up from an outbound BA flight in Lagos, drove me directly to Abuja and kept me in that Airport Road SSS underground cell for over a month until @fkeyamo went to court.”

A medical doctor, Dr Halima Abubakar @ Halima_Abubak reacted, saying “Come out and lead the protest the same way Buhari led one against Jonathan.”

JK @kamalduze observed, “You will not talk about the ethnic cleansing happening in Oyo state, where lives are lost, na Lekki arrest fit your agenda. We go remind you.”

Mustapha Abubakar @MAbubakbr had this to say in a tweet, “Unfortunately he is the wazirin fombina( Adamawa) yet he has nothing to say about the killing of Fulani’s and harassment of Hausa Fulani all over the south. But when it’s time to beg for our vote they will be singing all sort of song that they are Fulani”

“Your tweets are irrelevant sir, maintain your distance in Dubai”  MagniVincent Ikenna @Ikenna_09 wrote, “If you want us to take you serious, the sun rises at The @IntlCrimCourt and sets in the prison for all police chief, army chief and president but they’re your brothers so it can’t happen. Birds of same feather.”

A Civil Engineer, Engr. Yasir Arafat Jubril @ oil_Shaeik responding to @Atiku asked, “Have you not heard about the killing of Fulanis and Hausas down south?”

@AdigunLadi, “@atiku come out and lead the protest, at least Buhari was not a coward during his days he came out physically ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️ no just they tweet they chill for Dubai”

@Horlafat “All of you guys will not know peace, so protesting isn’t part of our Civil Right anymore. Reopening of the Tollgate is Priority now cos you knw the huge amount u’re generating there everyday. Stop ranting here, come lead the protest like Buhari did against Jonathan.”

Going  back memory lane when Atiku served under Obasanjo as Vice President,, Abdul-razak I. Afoso @AAfoso recalled the killing of the Odi massacre.

“In 1999 d people of Odi were massacred by your govt. At that time there were no phones to capture images yet d people still got evidence bcause massacre really happened. They presented their case with names in d court & won. What stopped people from doing d same at LTG massacre?”

“Unfortunately, we didn’t see you come out during the Capitol protest to assert same position”, Omogbolahan Babs @OgbeniCzar noted, “Anyway, that doesn’t necessarily matter any more. The US has taught us how to deal with domestic terrorists & that’s exactly how they’re going to be treated no matter the Dubai bankrolling ”

HerizzyPemcilz @Hpencilz however holds a contrary view. He agrees with Atiku that people should be allowed to exercise their rights.

“I don’t think we have a Government anymore.#What’s the essence of government where by we Citizens have been deprived of our fundamental Human Right?”

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