The Rivers State House of Assembly  has placed a lid on the activities of sand-mining concerns that are operating  in the State.

Henceforth, these sand hunters would no longer operate in any of the 23 local government areas without the permission of the State Government.

Until the Assembly swung into action in order to regulate the system,  most businessmen who are engaged in such operations have done so without embarking on environmental impact assessment studies.

This has not been without grave consequences for the longevity of community roads and the pollution of underground water sources among others.

The Assembly which took the drastic  position when lawmakers sat in Port Harcourt  said the activities of those who are escavating sand were beginning to impact negatively on bridges as well as the environment.

Accordingly,  the State House of Assembly directed that sand mining activities would not be carried out anywhere  within the vicinity of existing bridges.

Meanwhile, State lawmakers now say it is an offense not to wear protective face masks.

This is part of ongoing moves being made by the Assembly  to minimise the spread of the Coronavirus  and ensure that Rivers people comply with existing Covid -19 protocols.

The legal instrument empowers officials of government to deal ruthlessly with all who fail to comply with the provisions set out by parliament.

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Of late, the State House of Assembly has become proactive and business – like.

Only recently,  the House met to ratify the construction of two additional overhead bridges.