Anger is welling among the people of Etche, following the decision of the Wike administration to deny Rt. Hon. Jerome Eke a decent burial on Etche soil.

While he lived, the former lawmaker and Igolo of the Etche ethnic nation was revered by his kith and kin within and outside Ndashi.

News of his burial at the Port Harcourt Cemetery which broke Saturday shattered the overall mood of the Etche Nation.

It similarly gave birth to all kinds of conspiracy theories, with some persons alleging albeit without proof that the relationship between the High Chief and Governor Wike may have been strained.

Governor Nyesom Wike may have listened to suggestions that the Igolo of the Etche Ethnic Nationality died due to the Covid – 19 virus, but the cause of death, some insiders stress, has nothing to do with the virus.

Family sources say late Chief Eke may have died of heart conditions exercebated by weight related issues.

Incidentally, some family members as well as close associates of the deceased are insisting that the claim by the Rivers State Government is completely at variance with the report made by his doctor on the actual cause of death.

There is no evidence that those who interacted with him in his final days are afflicted with the disease.

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Emerging facts also suggest that the children of the Etche High Chief had equally tested negative to the ravaging virus.

This has left many Etche people wondering where the idea that the late federal lawmaker was infested with the Coronavirus emanated from.

In the meantime, the people of Egbelubi in Ndashi who are mourning their departed son may never find a, place in their heart to forgive Wike.

They acknowledge that persons afflicted by Covid-19 elsewhere in the country have been buried at their country homes in line with established protocols.

Telegraph’s Publisher, Chief Ogbonna Nwuke was at the country home of Chief Eke at Ndashi Saturday to pay his last respect.