EPL: Man U, Liverpool caught in a swirl of protests over ESL, Glazer family

Widespread security concerns have led to the postponement of the Premier League march between Manchester United and Liverpool FC.

Both English sides were expected Sunday afternoon to slug it out at Old Trafford.

As a result of the postponement, the issue of who would be crowned English League Winners is equally being put on hold.

Man United fans Sunday embarked on a protest against team owners, the Glazer  family and the plan  to create the European Super League, ESL.

Enraged fans broke into Old Trafford and prevented players from the home team from leaving their hotel.

Incidentally, the Glazer family are part of the plot to establish the ESL, which has been vigorously  condemned by football enthusiasts, administrators and organisations, including FIFA.

Man City is sitting pretty at the top of the table with at least 80 points and a defeat of Man U by Liverpool could have given them the trophy.

Man U are placed second on the table with about 70 points.

Pundits are saying it would be impossible to have the Red Devils at the apex of the league at the end of the season.

In a related development, Gary Neville a pundit on Sky Sports has lashed out at the Glazer family after football buffs stormed Old Trafford to protest against the proposed European Super League and the ownership of Man U by the Glazer family.

Neville appears to believe that the Glazer family are a threat to British football and the future of European soccer.

“I think all football fans should unite behind what Manchester United fans have done today because what [the Glazers] did two weeks ago was really dangerous for English football: we should not forget that,” he observed.

“They tried to walk away and cause a closed-shop league that would have created a famine in this country for every other club.

“This is a consequence of the Manchester United owners’ actions two weeks ago. There is a general distrust and dislike of the owners, but they weren’t protesting two or three weeks ago.”

Former Manchester United player Roy Keane explained that the club’s fans had reached the end of their patience, having initially resisted the 2004 takeover of the club by the Glazers.

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