VIP, Comasi, Wanted Dead Or Alive

An unspecified amount of money has been put on the heads of two alleged gang leaders operating in the Ahoada area by the Rivers State Government as bounty.

The two whose real names are not in the public domain are known as Comasi and VIP in cult circles.

Governor Nyesom Wike who gave the order for the apprehension of the duo when leaders of the Ekpeye Ethnic Nation called on him said their activities in destabilizing peace and security has become quite  disturbing.

The State’s Chief Security Officer seized the opportunity to lash out at the two council chairmen of Ahoada East and Ahoada West.

“The two council chairmen, you’re not doing well. I believe when God gives you opportunity, it is for you to show that you’re elected by the people and let them feel your presence”, the Governor noted.

Wike urged the two chairmen of Ahoada West and Ahoada East, including the traditional rulers, to stop administering their council areas from the State capital.

“Why don’t you stay at home and solve the problem? Each time, I see most of you in Port Harcourt. What you are looking for I do not know. 

“Stay at home and know what is happening and report to government”, the State Chief Executive enjoined leaders of government and the traditional institution at the grassroots.

The Governor blamed the inability of parents to inculcate moral values and  discipline in their children for escalating  social vices in society.

He also urged the leaders of Ekpeye Ethnic Nationality  to collaborate with government to combat hydra – headed problems posed by kidnapping and other criminal related activities in Ahoada West and Ahoada East Local Government Areas.

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