Some Boundary communities which are currently in Abia State may be ceded to Rivers State.

Governor Nyesom Wike who cautiously gave the hint while speaking in Akuku Toru Local Government however did not elaborate.

Wike acknowledged that Wagbara’s village would have been part of the Rivers State, but he suggested through his body language that something might still be going on in the background.

It is possible that a fresh Boundary adjustment, the type that brought in Opobo and Ndoni, both integral parts of Rivers State, might likely take place at this time.

Imo State has been fighting hard to assimilate some Rivers communities at the boundary.

But those moves which have been rejected by the Rivers State have not worked.

Given the remarks of the Rivers Governor and what played out like a smile, the Rivers State might be getting ready to enlarge its coast.

If this bid succeeds, Wagbara and his people may switch allegiance from Abia to Rivers.

Born about 70 years ago Senator Adolphus Wagbara who was a guest of the Rivers Governor said he grew up in Port Harcourt.

He acknowledged that he is an Igbo man, but said he has plenty of Rivers friends.

Wagbara however made no comments to corroborate the remark of Governor Wike regarding the moves made by his people in the past to be part of Rivers State.

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