A top Jonathan aide, name withheld, has been speaking on the relationship between a former President of Nigeria,  Dr Goodluck Jonathan and the current Governor of Rivers State, Barrister Nyesom Wike.

The former President who fell out with former Governor Rotimi Amaechi prior to the 2015 elections single handedly hoisted Wike as the governor of Rivers State.

Amaechi, it would be recalled, was one of the governors who played critical roles in the adoption of the doctrine of necessity which brought in Jonathan as the successor of late President Umaru Yar’ adua.

Somehow, some of the behind-the-scene moves which shaped events at the time are gradually coming to light.

The top aide to the former president who claims he was one of those who frustrated the ambition of Senator Lee Maeba and other competent Rivers players who were interested in the governorship before 2015 told this medium that Wike has derailed.

“Wike no longer respects people who brought him to power. He has become arrogant, selfish, abusive and out of touch.

“We know what we did with madam to make him the candidate ahead of people like Engr. Beks Dagogo-Jack and Lee Maeba who were widely respected in the Villa.”

“Our people have been largely ignored by the new Sheriff. It is now all about Wike, Wike, Wike and nothing else”, the Bayelsa born politician confessed.

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The aide said that although he believes that the relationship between the former President and Governor Wike might still be intact, the kitchen cabinet that worked for him would never support Wike for anything after his tenure as governor.

“The South South is very complex. Our people are not in the habit of talking, not to talk of talking anyhow. We are waiting for the appropriate time. I don’t see how Oga will throw his lot behind Wike who has proved to be a prodigal son.

“We are in Port Harcourt,  we are everywhere and we are keenly watching him as he dances on stage”, the Bayelsa born politician remarked.

“It is because of this very man and the poisonous venom he was spewing at the time against his master that we who are seen as Jonathan boys turned against Rotimi Amaechi in the PDP”, the aide revealed.

Reflecting over the role he and others played to uplift Wike, the politician noted, “I think we know him better now. I must confess, we really didn’t know him then. He came up with so many conspiracy tales against the former governor.

“President Muhammadu Buhari has read him well . Wike is not in the APC today because he hates the party. It is because the incumbent president has blocked his every move to enter the ruling party by peddling destructive tales against an innocent man.”

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Asked to compare the Minister of Transportation and Governor Wike who hail from Rivers State,  the Jonathan top aide said there is no basis for comparison between the two.

“Amaechi has proved to be more mindful of the feeling of others, more dependable, more responsible and more trustworthy than Wike is.

“We are not surprised that he (Amaechi) appears to be climbing higher. You see, being controversial, abusing people and quarrelling with everybody doesn’t make you bold. Wike will discover the bitter truth when the time comes.”

The APC is stepping up efforts to convince former President Goodluck Jonathan to abandon the PDP.

The Buni – led National leadership thinks that Jonathan who enjoys the confidence of President Muhammadu Buhari could be a stabilising factor.

The APC has plans to zone power to the South and there are strategists who believe that the South South may easily fall in line if Jonathan were to join the swelling ranks of the party.

It is still not clear if Jonathan has the ambition to gun for the presidency,  but those who are wooing him to join the APC are using it as a bait.