Home coming: New York Rocks


New Yorkers Saturday shook off the lethargic feeling and despair left behind by the Covid-19 virus, to enjoy a home coming concert.

It was all about New York, the city that most who reside in the States see as the greatest in the world.

Mayor Bill De Blasio who came on stage paid homage to frontline workers who had risked everything to keep the city safe and thanked the organizers of the show for bringing everyone together.

Of course, it was the second day of the concert. It turned out to be a groove in the park; a great outing for New York’s showstoppers; and an affectionate ‘home coming’ for dwellers of the city of skyscappers, which is winning the war against out Covid.

“Mama Said Knock You Out”, LL Cool J crooned, obviously setting the tempo while Rev Run acknowledged in “It’s Tricky”, how tricky the journey has probably been.

With a 75% vaccination rate achieved in New York, folks got out of their homes to enjoy live performances by legendary stars from the American musical industry.

They included The Killers, Earth, Wind & Fire, Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Castello and Barry Manilow who did a rendition of the song “Mandy”.

Somehow, it was a concert which organizers hoped would rekindle the spirit of New Yorkers and offer them a rare chance to take back their freedom.

The virus had confined folks to their homes, shut down the ever busy streets, knocked the daylight out of once budding businesses and left many dead.

Jon Baptiste kind of captured the mood among New Yorkers and others across America and the world with the hit track, ‘Freedom’.

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