14 Northerners to face prosecution in Rivers

14 Northerners arrested in Rivers State for breaking the law are to be produced in court any moment from now to answer for their crimes.

They are to be prosecuted for converting road medians in Port Harcourt City into refuse dumping sites.

Also to be dragged to court for committing similar offences are three Southerners.

The defaulters were picked up by a task force set up by the Rivers State Waste Management Agency,

Alleged offender arrested by RIWAMA

RIWAMA which collects wastes from  receptacles approved by the Rivers State Government as part of efforts to rid the state capital and its environs of heaps of garbage have repeatedly warned against indiscriminate dumping.

Now, the body says it would set an example of the defaulters who are currently being held in custody for disobeying extant sanitation laws made to ensure cleanliness as well as the promotion of good sanitary behavior.

Some of the suspects picked up by the RIWAMA Task Force 

Given the advent of the Covid-19 virus and the ascendency of other health related issues, residents in the State have put the Rivers State Government under increasing pressure to guarantee their safety.

Jerry Needam, top aide to the Sole Administrator of RIWAMA, Felix Obuah said in a statement that the offenders caught in the act by members of the Task Force constituted by the agency are to face trial.

He disclosed that the head of the sanitation agency personally led the operation to enforce the ban designed to end the dumping of wastes on road medians.

Governor Wike…Going tough on sanitation offenders via RIWAMA 

Obuah is quoted as saying that those who have been caught would be thought a lesson for jeopardizing the law, defacing the Garden City and endangering the lives of other law abiding citizens.

He declared that henceforth, government would no longer appeal to residents to use approved waste disposal receptacles.

The sole administrator hinted that emphasis would now shift from appeals that are not being heeded to enforcement and prosecution.

RIWAMA equally condemned dumping of refuse outside the approved dumping hours of 6pm to 12midnight.

The statement however did not specify when the 17 defaulters who are being held would be brought to court to face punishment.

It however released the names of those fate would be determined soon. They are:

1. Adamu Idris- Nasarawa
2. Abubakar Bala- Kano State
3. Usani Usman- Katsina
4. Daiyabu Danladi- Katsina
5. Sanusi Buhari – Kano
6. Ummar Hashinu- Jigawa
7. Shehu Abubakar Ahmed- Kano
8. Kabiru Ibrahim – Kano
9. Salisu Saidu- Katsina
10. Magaji Yaii-
11. Attah Salihu- Katsina
12. Lawal Aminu – Kano
13. Abdullahi Ishag- Katsina
14. Barani Saidu- Kano
15. Solomon Aki – IMO
16. Goodnew Friday – Cross Rivers
17. Ledor IKpug- Rivers State

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