Participants at a townhall meeting held Monday in Abuja have agreed that the major threats facing Nigeria are growing insecurity and disunity.

The participants drawn from different segments of the society, including the political class also admitted that fixing the economy in such a manner that it addresses the every day need of the common man requires experience.

Atiku whose major obstacle in the presidential race is Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State outlined his vision for Nigeria.

He promised to be a unifier, builder and  focused leader, assuring participants at the townhall meeting that he would tackle insecurity, instability and maladministration.

The presidential aspirant later said on his Twitter handle, “I was honoured to be part of the Atiku Town Hall Meeting earlier today in Abuja.

“The consensus is that if we can enthrone a regime of security and unity, it will pave the way for the economic policies that will usher in prosperity and economic development to take firm root.”

Meanwhile, Governor Wike is not leaving any stone unturned in his effort to carry delegates along.

Wike who has swept through more states than any aspirant was back in Lagos the other.

It would be his second in recent weeks. Wike reiterated that Nigeria needs a strong character.

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He said he will do away with banditry within six months, saying he has the capacity to restore Nigeria‘s, peace and stability.

Atiku had visited the same state a few days ago where he asked delegates at the start of his meet the delegates tour.

Unlike other aspirants who have started last moment efforts to reach out, Wike has gone round the country campaigning for the ticket and rousing popular support for the PDP.