… In what direction will he lead the PDP? 

Torn between the devil and the deep blue sea, Atiku Abubakar, Presidential flag-bearer of the PDP may have to constitute his campaign organization soon.

What is not clear is whether he will do so without including Governor Nyesom Wike and his supporters.

Thus far, Iyorchia Ayu has refused to step aside in the interest of party unity despite increased pressure.

Instead, he has become arrogant, recalcitrant and abusive, describing party men and women who do not agree with his point of view as children.

No Time Left:

According to information that is filtering in from the Atiku camp, time is running out.

INEC is expected to allow the commencement of open air campaigns across the country according to its timetable.

Iyorchia Ayu, what to do with his leadership of the PDP has left it at the crossroads. 

Thus far, Atiku Abubakar is yet to name members of his campaign organization.

This is not unconnected with the crisis that is rocking the PDP, and the inability of the party to find solutions to the crisis facing it.

Some members of Atiku’s team want their presidential flag-bearer to run along without the Wike camp.

But elders of the party, wary about a repetition of history and consequences that hasty action on the part of the Presidential flag-bearer might have on the electoral fortunes of the PDP are urging him not to make the mistake of ignoring Wike, Ortom, Makinde, Ikpeazu, Ugwuanyi and others.

Wike and his team, they warn, could play the role of spoilers if some of their demands are not met.

Atiku… between the devil and the deep blue sea. Can he stabilize the PDP? 

Spoiling The Broth:

The Rivers Governor said Thursday at Omerelu while flagging off a set of internal roads that he and his friends may have to help the PDP to fail in the forthcoming general election.

Wike was reacting to Ayu’s discription of persons who are justly demanding that he should step aside as children.

He said children brought him out of the gutter and made him the party Chairman.

He vowed that the same persons whom he described as children will punish the party if Ayu does not leave.

Wike wondered how Ayu could lay claim to being a founder of a party that he abandoned and ran away.

He said having left the company with his shares, Ayu could not stake  ownership of the same company after new shareholders have rebuilt it.

Wike and other believers in the Nigerian project on track. 

A prominent South West politician, Bode George has equally lent his voice to demands for Ayu to go.

George said the South is demanding as of right, the Chairmanship seat of the party, saying “we are not begging them.”

Recall that prior to the 2015 election, something similar to what is playing out now happened.

Five PDP Governors were described as irrelevant and asked to go to hell.

“By the time they went to hell and back”, Chief Ogbonna Nwuke said on a radio programme, Parliament broadcast on  Wish FM, “the PDP had lost.”

History appears poised to repeat. Five Governors are saying no once again to what they see as the excesses of a power bloc that is trying very hard to exclude others who have labored for the party.

Kassim Afegbua who recently resigned his membership of the PDP insists the South has sustained the main opposition party.

There are nine PDP Governors in the South, he says, and only five in the north.

Afegbua was on Sunrise broadcast on Channels Television on Friday. He said the PDP was digging a grave for itself.

He said he hoped that the PDP which has no business issuing a Northern Candidate at this time would fall into  the grave that it has dug.

Among those spearheading anti-Wike sentiments are Dino Malaye who got out witted by TJ Yusuf in the bid for the Senate.

Yusuf was supported in that race by Governor Nyesom Wike.

Iyorchia Ayu who appears to love the chairmanship of the party more than its eventual victory at the polls is another anti-Wike campaigner.

Dino Malaye had asked the other day, what will happen if Ayu resigns and Atiku does not win the election.

It was perhaps proof that Atiku’s camp is jittery over what is likely to happen at the polls as it swims against the tide.

However, Dino’s fear reenforced the position of those who insist that the Atiku camp may have to make concessions in order to build a united and formidable political platform that can an election.

Change Of Dancesteps: 

From what was perceived as Wike’s anger, the narrative has changed. The South is asking questions that the PDP is unable to answer at this time.

How can all the top notch positions be domiciled in the North? What stake has the South in Atiku’s presidency? Why should the South support an Atiku who snatched their turn in the PDP to produce a presidential candidate?

These questions obviously reflect some of the issues that Atiku will have to deal with now that attempts to shift attention from the real issues have crumbled.

Many commentators agree that what is going on in the PDP is not about Wike. It is about justice, fairness and equity.

It is increasingly about the South and its aspirations, particularly within the PDP.

Will Atiku yield to the demands of his support base, or will he travel up the bumpy route that leads to peace and understanding?

Against the run of play, Atiku snatched the presidential ticket of the PDP that was meant for the South.

The South now insists the North must relinquish the chairmanship of the party.

NWC Meeting:

A meeting of the party’s NWC is expected to hold pretty soon. Some say that meeting will happen next week.

Several proposed meetings of the party have been put off  because of differences within the party.

Will Ayu resign when the meeting eventually holds?

No one is sure.

Dino Malaye: How far can hard lines go? 

Malaye who acts as Atiku’s  Spokesman argues PDP Governors who are gradually thinking that  the party should unload the National Chairman in the interest of peace have no right to do so.

Being Atiku’s spokesperson, many reckon that Malaye may be speaking his master’s voice.

Held Hostage by his own:

There are strong indications that Atiku is being held hostage by a group that he belongs to.

This group, according to what the Port Harcourt Telegraph has learnt is populated by persons who might also be nursing an ambition to humiliate the South and its leaders.

Insiders say this is why Atiku is unable to make any headway when it comes to peace building.

Twice Atiku and Wike have come out of closed door meetings smiling. Twice, nothing tangible has happened to alter the trajectory of the PDP.

Nonetheless, all eyes are turned in the direction of Atiku. Many hope he will be able to offer much needed leadership.

They say the ‘flip flop’ approach which characterizes the so called peace effort that is going on does not reflect the willingness of Atiku’s PDP to promote collaboration and party cohesion.

A PDP chieftain told the Telegraph in Port Harcourt, “Atiku needs to get it right. He needs everybody on board to win.

“It is not running the race that matters. Winning is at the centre of every race.”

“Atiku was not born to rule”, Nwuke told the Independent in Port Harcourt, “He was born to goof.”

But the PDP flag bearer has the opportunity to prove critics wrong by extending his hand of fellowship to the South.

To regain support in the South and the Middle Belt, Atiku may have to listen to voices from the Wike camp.