Walking a lonely path: APC leaders groan in pain as lawyers dust their books

Amaechi may be unable to cast his vote for APC candidates in the forthcoming general elections in the country as Abe’s political disciples push him to the wall.

There was panic within Rivers APC circles yesterday night, particularly among party candidates, as Senator Magnus Abe and his supporters crushed what was left of the dream that they would be on the ballot.

Abe had moved from the APC to the SDP to pursue his passion to govern Rivers State.

But some members of his team remained behind to challenge the APC’s handling of the primaries.

Tuesday, they got judgment. Justice Emmanuel Obile of the Federal High Court who presides over Court Two ruled that the plaintiffs had done enough to prove their case.

Among Abe supporters, the outcome was sweet, an insider told the Telegraph. Among members of Amaechi’s political family, the pain of losing to Abe was too much to bear.

Within the Abe camp, it was jubilation galore.

“They deserve what they got”, Dumeezor Sampson said laughing, “they lack leadership.”

“Once again, Abe and his people have dealt us a cheap blow”, an APC chieftain stated “. We are back to where we were in 2018.”

An official who works at the party Secretariat had this to say: “How can we explain that the names of our candidates will not be on the ballot? What has taken place right now will most definitely affect the morale of our people.”

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The plain truth is, Tonye Cole described as “Amaechi’s  business, partner” may never be able to realise his aspiration to serve as governor.

It is second time since he indicated interest years  to be governor that the APC would suffer a shipwreck; his second attempt to get his face on the ballot.

Tonye Cole faces ftesh challenge in court as Abe’s men lay legal ambush. 

“The way he came into the race this time was not completely different from what happened in the past. Those who wanted to contest were not given a fair chance”, a political analyst stated.

“Amaechi and his followers are learning lessons the hard way. It means that they did not learn any lesson from what they faced in 2018.”, the analyst added.

Some APC members were however optimistic that an appellate court would upturn the decision of the Federal High Court.

” We will appeal” one of the lawyers in the  APC noted, “there are obviously areas where the judge erred on grounds of law.

The Telegraph learnt Tuesday  night that leaders of the party had asked the legal team to enter an appeal and do everything to  win it in court.

By Wednesday morning, the APC said officially that it would be appealing the decision of Justice Obile.