… why we increased the size of the Nigerian Military

Governor Nyesom Wike speaking during the commissioning of the Mgbuitanwo internal roads project at Emohua Local Govt. Area 

Senator Rabiu Kwankwaso, flagbearer of the New Nigerian Peoples Party says leaders of the PDP are not men of integrity.

The former Minister of Defence who was a guest of Governor Wike said it was as a result of their propensity to bend rules that he left the party.

Kwankwaso said it was regrettable that Wike who has worked tirelessly for the sustenance of the PDP is just coming to know how the party leaders operate.

The presidential candidate who was speaking at the commissioning of the Mgbuitanwo internal roads said that as the nation’s Defence Minister,  he moved for an increase in the number of Nigerian  soldiers.

According to him, the measure was taken in order to ensure that the military has the capability of defending the country’s  sovereignty and territorial integrity.

A section of the internal road which was commissioned on Monday in Emohua. 

Night life and Security in Port Harcourt

Whereas night life still goes on in Rivers State, Kwankwaso noted, the northwest and the northeast were unsafe and unstable.

<span;>He blamed the the wave of insecurity on poor leadership due to poor leadership.

The NNPP presidential candidate lauded Governor Nyesom Wike for dealing with the security challenge and ensuring that Rivers people enjoy peace and security.

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Kwankwaso insisted that he is very impressed by the level of development attained in Rivers State under the Wike administration.

Wike is one of us

Kwankwaso, leader of the Kwankwasiya movement, says Wike is one of them.

The former Governor who described himself as a foundation member of the PDP has explained that although  Wike may not wear the red cap of the Kwankwasiya, he is one of them.

Kwankwaso disclosed that there are people who wear the red cap of the Kwankwasiya in their hearts.

He said the Kwankwasiya believe in hardwork, the deliberate upliftment of their state country, protection of the helpless and downtrodden as well as the promotion of national stability and progress.

This same Party

Kwankwaso recalled how this same party refused to understand the threat that the exit of five governors in his time posed to the party.

He said that the PDP was making the same mistake now with the members of the G5.

The NNPP candidate revealed that the PDP appeared to think that it was dealing with five persons instead of a movement of party men who are unhappy with events in their party.

Is there anything you want that I have not done, Wike asks Emohua people

Governor Nyesom Wike has asked the people of Emohua Local Government Area if there is anything that they asked for that he has not done.


The Governor said at Mgbitanwo Monday that he has fulfilled his promises to the people of Emohua.  Wike spoke highly about his guest and identified him as one of those who worked tirelessly to build Kano.

Stressing he would provide logistic support to Kwankwaso whenever he decides to campaign in Rivers State, Wike stated that the NNPP candidate had in the past done well as a State Governor and a Federal cabinet minister.